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29 February 2012

PostíMollyringwald commemorative: Snooki / Snooki is pregnant / Apocalypse is nigh / la vie Jersey / put your makeup on fix your hair up pretty & meet me tonite in atlantic city

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Reality TV World
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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Snooki reportedly actually
pregnant and expecting
despite denials

by Reality TV World staff

is reportedly expecting a more pint-sized version of herself despite her prior denials. While she denied it earlier this month, Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is "indeed pregnant" and expecting her first child with boyfriend Jionni LaValle, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

According to the Post, Snooki, who is about three months along, hopes "to bankroll her mommy-to-be status into becoming 'the next Kourtney Kardashian'" and has already landed a deal to announce her pregnancy on the cover of Us Weekly.

Snooki's representative declined comment when contacted by the Post.

Although MTV also declined comment, the network is reportedly privately concerned how Snooki's pregnancy will impact the new Jersey Shore spinoff she recently began filming with Jenni "JWoww" Farley.

"MTV went into crisis mode after they found out," a source told the Post. "They're trying to hide it because it would greatly affect the creative direction of the show."

Star Magazine reported Snooki was pregnant with LaValle's child on February 1, however both she and her rep quickly denied it.

"There's no truth to the reports," her representative told MTV News later that same day.

"I definitely do want kids, but I'm not pregnant ... being pregnant should be a real thing and a happy thing, and I'm not," the Jersey Shore star said during a February 2 appearance on Good Morning America.

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    Bob Merkin · 65 years old
    surely this spawn of Snooki is one of the prophesied signs that the Apocalypse is nigh ... the Trailer Park Trash will inherit the Earth.

    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · about an hour ago

    Adam Donn
    Ew She's spawning!

    Reply · 9 · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

        Jean Segers
        Good Lord!! Let's hope she doesn't breastfeed, the baby will get wasted!

        Reply · 10 · Like · about an hour ago
    Marilyn Benitez · New York, New York
    a lil snooki... If its true I hope she stops drinking.

    Reply · 6 · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

    Jonathan Nikki Snook
    I wish she would change her nickname...I hate being called Snooki now!

    Reply · 1 · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

    Buster Ford · Top Commenter
    She will be as wide as she is tall!

    Reply · 1 · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

    Marion Nigro · Wantagh, New York

    Reply · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

    Kristoffer Dana Phoenix
    Don't people believe in getting married first anymore?

    Reply · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

    Natasja Nicole Currier
    Not surprised, she wanted a little Guiddo.

    Reply · Like · Follow Post · about an hour ago

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PatfromCH said...

I have 3 q's
Who the bloody hell is this ???
Is this news relevant ??
Can we send the trailer park trash up to Mars or Pluto One Way Ticket ???

Indeed we are obsessed with Haigiography these days. Futurehistorians will be puzzled by the fact that we were able to produce Trailer Park Trash and sophistication in Science & Arts at the same time.

In other relevant news a dog was found peeing at a lamp post in Basel, Switzerland. The owner wasfined 50 CHF, nobody was injured or hurt.

Vleeptron Dude said...

In case you read this, I was praying that the Reality TV show "Jersey Shore" was not broadcast in CH. I am still proud of my USA, and "Jersey Shore" is the singlemost source of National Shame in my American lifetime. I forbid all residents of Planet Earth from ever seeing "Jersey Shore."

btw, the image -- that's the famous Boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Jersey. (Donald Trump bankrupted 2 casinos there.) In the original USA edition of the board game "Monopoly," the most expensive rental property is Boardwalk, and all the other rental properties are the streets and avenues of Atlantic City.

Snooki has become superintergalactically famous -- as far as I can figure out -- by dressing like a slut, binge drinking, and emulating the sexual habits of female alley cats.

Isn't the entire "Reality TV" thing an invention of Dutch TV? Dankje wel!

PatfromCH said...

But of course we have Jersey Shore. But since I don’t watch TV anymore I have not seen it. We got it all here as well. House, Desperate Housewives. Lost etc plus the reality TV garbage like the swiss version of American Idol, Switzerland’s Biggest Talent and all that. I Am A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here (Jungle Camp) had ratings of 10-20 million in Germany. Why ? T&A plus people doing gross things like bathing in insects or eating them. Panem et circenses for the uneducated masses...

And people wonder why I don’t watch TV anymore.

Andy Warhol was right with his 15 minute theory, probably more so than he ever realized with his cynism.

We marvel at the diaries of Samuel Pepys and his rich descriptions of daily life in the 1660s. What will the historians of the 26th century say when the only surviving documents of our time might be Jersey Shore ? Oh dear, I dare not think about it....

Yep, Big Brother was originally broadcast in Holland, then it was exported to Germany. The rest is a History of Shame.

Side note: When the first CCTV cameras were installed at the central train station in Basel I actually heard a kid say to his mom “Look, just like Big Brother !”
The Apocalypse might be Nay indeed....

PatfromCH said...

Swisscom is CH's largest Internet provider and I just found this item on my browser's startup pate:,552692/Snooki_schwanger_Rätselraten_um_ihr_Kind_geht_weiter_/de/entertainment/tvundvideo/

So this is getting worldwide attention. And it will get worse and worse.

Some 60 years ago the late Cyril M. Kornbluth saw that coming and provided a solution:

David said...

I guess she will be excited just thinking what the baby look like. I guess she is now is happy to be a mother. :D