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04 June 2012


 Click map to enlarge.

Here's where you can (or can't) see the Transit of Venus, when the planet Venus -- appearing as a small black circle -- will cross the disk of the Sun.

If you sleep through it, your next chance to see the Transit of Venus will be in 2117.

Depending on where you are, the Transit

begins: 22:09 UTC Tuesday 5 June 2012
ends: 04:49 UTC Wednesday 6 June 2012

Fudge Factor: +/- 7 minutes

Don't stare directly at the Sun or you'll go blind.

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LandscapeWindscreen said...

Yes, you MUST see this !!!! The next transit will be in 2117 !

Right now it is pissing cats and dogs as they say but I hope the weather will be good on the 5th. I have a slight feeling it won’t, given my luck. Yet there are people who were much worse off during one of the first international observations of a Venus transit:
Either Dava Sobel or Bill Bryson have written extensively on this poor bloke. In any case I encourage you to read both Longitude (Sobel) and that brilliant book by Bryson about the Royal Academy and his general history of science.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hiya LandscapeWindscreen!

Of course I've hosed up Sobel's "Longitude," AND visited the Old Royal Observatory @ Greenwich to dance and skip from Eastern to Western Hsmispheres and see the magnificent chronometers of John Harrison!

Thanks for the tip on the Bryson book, i'll Amazon it forthwith.

Captain Cook was dispatched to the South Seas specifically to observe the Transit of Venus. It was the first Very Long Voyage which navigated with a Harrison chronometer, which Cook referred to as "our faithful friend."

His 2nd in command was a skilled junior officer named Bligh, who later made something of a name for himself on subsequent voyages and in a few Hollywood movies.

You gonna buy a coffee mug or t-shirt?

Vleeptron Dude said...

Oh for Christ's sake, is this you?? I've been meaning to tell you how WUNDERBAR I've found your Ambient compositions and music-generated visuals!

Looks like the map shows CH is in the Good Viewing Zone for the Transit! Good luck!

LandscapeWindscreen said...

Currently the weather is mixed, ranging from brief periods of sunshine to rain. I doubt that I will get a clear view. My luck in Astronomy.

The visuals are not triggered by the music or vice versa. There is software with which you can do this sort of stuff. ranging from online sites to elaborate applications. Details on req.

Glad you liked what I do !