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05 June 2012

PizzaQ -- what the heck is this?

Click image, maybe it gets bigger.

I hope it wiggles for you.

6 slices anchovies and pepperoni.


Mike said...

It's an escapement for a pendulum clock. I'd guess grasshopper if I'm assuming you named the file correctly. :)

Vleeptron Dude said...


DOH, I forgot to re-name the image that I filched from Wikipedia. The inventor, or one of the first horologists to use the Grasshopper Escapement was John Harrison
(1693 – 1776), self-taught clockmaker who invented an ocean-going chronometer which solved the problem of determining Longitude at sea. Before that, sailors just drowned in shipwrecks or died of thirst because they were just fucking-A LOST!

More about these fundamentally important matters, as well as The 2012 Transit of Venus -- did you catch it? Details! -- when I get back from DC to meet my nephew and his new bride, they live in Patagonia.

abbas said...

my favourite horologist, jason in nice sweet old port credit running the little shoppe of horology.

he's not failed me so far in fixing all the quirky time pieces i've had lying around.

Mike said...

Saw the Transit. It was pretty cool. Didn't get the chance to sit and really enjoy it (should have taken the day off work). I won't even tell you what my sweet, innocent wife thought the picture was.

Mike said...

Incidentally, the audio version of the Captcha is downright creepy. Sounds like something out of a Japanese horror flick.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Salam Abbas Hiya Mike --

Everybnody plerase wait for my expamsive gasbag prolix reply, but I am on my way to careen down Interstate 91 to New Haven to catch America's version of high-speed passenger rail. the Acela, down to see kin in Washington DC.

I may have to take my beloved Swiss watch (that looks like the clock in all Euro train stations) to your Little House of Horology, something is wrong with this pocket/railroad watch and so far no expert has solved it.

James J. Olson said... could have stopped went right by my front door. Perhaps on the way back up? I have much news.