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18 September 2012

1st Day Issue / Postalo Vleeptron: Bob & S.W.M.B.O. ride the train from New Haven to DC

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S.W.M.B.O. and I just drove to New Haven, Connecticut and took Amtrak south to Washington DC Union Station, then the Metro Red Line to see my brother & his Sweetie in Silver Spring. (The ticket machines for the DC Metro give you change in $1 coins!)

The Amtrak Downeaster -- from Boston to Portland, Maine -- has plans to extend north to Freeport (where L.L. Bean is) and Brunswick, where Bowdoin College is.

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LandscapeWindscreen said...

Oooh is that the train that comes down from Montreal ? Been on that one from NYC to DC, but that was ages ago….but this tells me that it is still difficult to get to DC by plane…..
I had a slight hangover from a bar visit in Manhatten the night before and behind me sat two nice elderly ladies from Quebec happily chattering away in french, rightly thinking that 99 % of the passengers would not get what they say. Oh, those bloody americans, no taste, horrible trains, and even the clouds look different, but in a tone that was far from mean. Shortly after we left NYC I took a nap, while the two ladies went on about this and that in their strange accent, which is quite difficult to understand even if your french is below average, became the ambient soundscape of my catnip.
Suddenly I felt a bump behind me and I woke up. Of course the ladies apologized for waking me up, they said they were very sorry. So I told them in polite french that it did not matter and everything was all right. They were a bit shocked and in their surprise (I got almost every word they had said about "those bloody americans") they asked me how come my french was so good. I told them where I come from and for some time we had a nice chat. I forgot what they wanted to do in DC, but I have fond memories of that train ride.