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10 September 2012

the Level of Hell that awaiteth the nerd kreepazoid who infected my e-mail with malware / Penn State forgot to microwave Girl Scouts / Will we still be here ... tomorrow?

yo R -- 
ah fooey my e-mail got infected with some creepy malware which sent itself to everybody in my address book.
Ignore anything from me rcvd in the last week. If you click on it, Bulgarians will hose up your life savings, if you were foolish enough to put them on-line rather than stuff them in your mattress. (The last few years, savings interest rate from banks is about the same as interest rates from mattresses.)
Meanwhile Cynthia (who seems to be better at this stuff than I am) says she's disinfected my e-mail.
Dante never had a computer. It falls to me to describe the Level of Hell reserved for creeps who write malware and infect innocent computers with it. One such guy just pulled 30 months in federal prison -- but that's just his Earthly punishment. I'm talking about what awaits malware jerks for Eternity.
Natch, let me know if you get any further suspicious stuff from my account.
Oh, remember that Cold War Elvis Draft thing? My older brother M**** managed to squeeze himself an Air Force Reserve slot and spent 7 weekend warrior years as a fireman at Andrews AFB. He got called to active duty during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the night before he was to report, he and all his lowlife pals and palettes got sloshed at their fave bar and re-wrote the lyrics to the juke box smash hit: "Will we still be here / tomorrow?"
Wow! Penn State is still playing football! What do you have to do to earn the NCAA Death Penalty, microwave Girl Scouts?

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