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26 February 2013

In space no one can hear you scream HOLY SHIT!! or Боже мой!!!

Click on either stamp to enlarge.

TOP: Commemorative faux stamp of meteor that whomped the poop out of Chelyabinsk, Russia, by my old Army buddy who lives in the USA state shaped like a right-hand mitten, so you can point to the palm of your hand to show where you were born or had a car accident.

BOTTOM: Postalö Vleeptron / 1st Day Issue: Earth dodges a bullet by the width of a pubic hair.

As optical and radio telescopes, ground-based and space-based, get better and better, it slowly and dimly begins to dawn on clueless & complacent us that Big Massive Fast Rocks are whizzing into or very close to Earth all the time at incredible speeds -- faster than a speeding bullet, to filch an old cliche -- and Earth has utterly no mechanisms or plans for protecting itself from a Life Extincting Collision Event.

Time to stock up on canned and freeze-dried food, bottled water, toilet paper and D flashlight batteries now. (We got an emergency multi-band radio that has a little spring crank generator, so it don't need any batteries at all.)

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