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05 February 2013

velocity of light in furlongs per fortnight

Click blackboard to enlarge.

RATS! I posted this old thing last night, and then clicked on the wrong things, and it vanished. And also my text vanished. RATS! FOOEY!

It's my birthday, I just slicked myself up for my Birthday Lobster Dinner, so maybe later when I get home I'll rewrite the text. No time, no time, I'm late, I'm late!

But to make a long story short -- the above, sometimes a joke, sometimes appearing on math or physics exams -- trust me, if you can solve this problem and Get The Right Answer, you will never again in your life have to fear or get anxiety from any problem involving screwy units of measurement and conversions from one system to another.

EXTRA CREDIT: How much do you weigh in stone?

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