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10 July 2013

Ramadan Kareem 1434 AH

Please click photo to enlarge.
Vleeptron wishes the World Ramadan Kareem. The Holy Month Ramadan (1434 AH) begins today.

(Or at least Wikipedia says it does. Vleeptron Dude's expertise in Lunar Calendar matters has come into question before.)

Throughout Ramadan, the Prophet Mohammed received the Arabic words of The Holy Book.

I am especially celebrating this Ramadan by not filching or shoplifting a Ramadan Kareem holy day image from the Web, as I usually do (because I am such a pathetic visual artist; I have to filch or steal the pretty work of Real Artists).

Well, okay, I filched the Arabic calligraphy morticed into the horizon tree line. (I have zero skills in Arabic calligraphy. And as always, I sincerely hope it does not really say NO U-TURN.)

A brief word about Being Neighbors on Earth.

Or maybe I'll filch the brief word from this other guy.

.....If we practice an eye for an eye
.....and a tooth for a tooth,
.....soon the whole world will be 
....blind and toothless.

...............-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Salam. Shalom. Paz. Paix. Pax. Peace, Neighbor.

And Sister and Brother. We are children of the same God.

*   *   *

This is not a shoplifted artist's image.

This is a photo image of the Crescent Moon and Venus, taken by the well-known and expert amateur astronomer, Paul Kinzer of Wisconsin USA.

This is the Crescent Moon near Bright Star as they appear in the Night Skies. Vleeptron has made no artificial attempt to make them prettier. 

On this night in 2009, they were exquisite.

The past is set in cement which has hardened.

Only the future could be better.

And that is largely or entirely up to the women, men and children of our planet. 

I am talking about you. I am talking about me. 

That's Bob's wish for this Ramadan.

For all: A Generous Ramadan! A Blessed Ramadan!


PatFromCH said...

Now if we are all children of the same God thingy, HeSheIt made us in its image, right ? How come there are children born deaf, blind or with Downe Syndrmoe ? War, Famine, Disease, Greed, Hatred ?

Could that Divine Entity come down to me for a month or so and explain that ?

And if that Thing created us he would be All-Knowing and fully aware of The Great Big Masterplan for Past, Present and Future, right ? I doubt It would need our Prayers or Praise or a month-long restriction that prevents us from enjoying ourselves for during that month HeSheIt came down to earth and dictated silly rules to an iliterate merchant of which we have to be reminded all the time because otherwise that Thingy might get very angry ?

I only wish all Religions would make a bit more sense, contain more logic and rationality. But even if you believe in this man-made garbage I salute you, wish you all the best in Peace and the name of Reason and Rationality no matter who you are and what you believe.

Ima said...

This is great!

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hi Ima, thanks!

Now I'm a little late to wish you Eid Mubarak, a Blessed Eid, but I hope you had a wonderful Eid too.

Lunar Calendar or Solar Calendar, AD or AH, we DO have a chance to make the coming year a finer, safer, more peaceful year everywhere on Earth than recent years have been.

That's my wish. See you in Ramadan 1435!