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12 July 2013

some people try to pick up girls / and get called an asshole / this never happened to pablo picasso / fud / smox (put macron above u o) / Otto's Big UFO Alien Adventure / EDGE CITY LOCAL

well the girls would turn the color of an avocado
when he'd drive down the street in his el dorado
why he was only five foot three
girls could not resist his stare
pablo picasso was never called an asshole
not like you


PatFromCH said...

The song we just heard was written by Jonathan Richman, probably one of the best Pop Song writers ever. Writing a Pop Song is an art form in its own and Richman is one of the unsung masters of that craft and his generation.

Repo Man was the first time I heard Black Flag, Circle Jerks and Suicidal Tendencies waaaaaay back in the 80s. Cool indie movie. Sadly the remake was absolute shite.

Vleeptron Dude said...

uh yeah i crashed into this Repo Man retrospective with The Plugz' "Hombre Secreto" and I been happily giggling all day singing along with and thinking about Repo Man. For decades I've been convinced Repo Man was the most brilliant adult screenplay of the last half of the 20th century.

They made a remake of Repo Man???


I'm Jonathan Richman's BIGGEST fan!

PatFromCH said...

Oh yeah, Repo Man is one of those “cult” movies of the 80s like Breakfast Club, War Games, Videodrome, Brazil or Blade Runner you had to see when you were there on hacked analogue PayTV back in the day. I dunno if the kids today will get it, probably the reason they had tried to do a shitty remake for the Short Attention Span Generation. Duh.

(oh btw word on the street is that many old movies like Westworld, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Total Recall etc. will be remade. Be warned.)

Harry Dean Stanton is doing a fine job in Repo Man and the special effects at the end will make George Lucas blush with envy I reckon.

Word on the street is that Jonathan Richman’s Roadrunner (which is even easier to play than Louie Louie, 2 chords) might become the Official State Song of Massachusetts despite the fact that Richman is not a native New Englander. Well, we’ll see how that turns out...