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05 August 2013

Midsummer Xmas t-shirt design / antipode / pode / Bizarro Earth shape / kiss salt cod / oblate spheroid / dog barks, cats wake & flee

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okay well S****, her birthday is 6 months before (or after) Christmas, so she always celebrates her birthday with a Christmas in July theme. 

I made her this t-shirt for her birthday. She seems to have liked it. Anyway, as of so far, hers is the only such t-shirt in the universe.

I call it Midsummer Xmas so ppl in the Southern Hemisphere can wear it too. ppl in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate Xmas in their swimwear and slather up with SPF 70 sunscreen goop.

I guess you are standing or sitting or lying on a pode. So the spot exactly opposite your pode on the surface of Earth is its antipode. Everybody near there is antipodean.

The straight line between antipode and pode runs through the center of the planet -- if the planet is a sphere. (Actually, because it spins pretty fast on its polar axis, it's not a sphere, it's an oblate spheroid.)

The shape of Bizarro Earth is not a sphere or oblate spheroid, Bizarro Earth is a cube.

What's the most North you've ever been?

What's the most South you've ever been? 

We were guests at our first Skype Wedding. We watched the bride and groom marry on our laptop. Our laptop was in Massachusetts USA. The bride and groom were in Patagonia Chile. We sent them a toaster oven. Or a cheeseboard, I forget which. 

The bride's dog barked in Patagonia, and our cats in Massachusetts woke up and fled.

Have you ever been urged or forced or required to kiss a salt cod? (I have.)

Oh, it's possible you don't know how to make the above collage into a t-shirt.

1. Print the image in color on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

2. Take the sheet to a print shop that makes t-shirts. Tell the print shop sentient you want the image printed as big as possible on the front of the t-shirt.

3. Pick up your new t-shirt the next day.

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