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04 November 2014

the people NOT the politicians GODDAM THIEVES -- Charles Ives

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It's already USA election day and I'll be voting in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a few hours.

Largely thanks to the US Supreme Court Decision known as Citizens United, I can't, in a long lifetime, recall a nastier, fouler, uglier election. I don't think that's a symptom of Whippersnappers' Disease or atherosclerosis. This one was REALLY vile and nasty.

Somehow or other I will vote in some way that I pray will prevent Martha Coakley from being our next governor. I do not bandy about the word "evil" much, but I make an exception in Coakley's case. She's evil, pure evil, Old School Racist Evil, and I don't want her running this state. 

She has made a career of putting non-whites and young people behind bars in wildly disproportionate numbers. She is Massachusetts' local designer of making the USA the world's largest prison -- more prisoners than China, more prisoners than Russia.

If that means I'll have to suffer 4 years of the Republican jerk (and I know a trick so I won't have to vote for that creep), I can live with that. We survived four years of Governor Mitt Romney.

I will definitely vote to ban legalized casino gambling in Massachusetts. I worked in Springfield, Massachusetts for several years, and it's hard to imagine a more dangerous, corrupt, sick city -- but a huge casino and all that goes with a huge casino, that would do the trick, more drugs and addiction, more violence, more underage prostitution, more cancer in an already cancer-ridden failed city.

Let the other casino states in the USA Northeast choose to sicken themselves with this "industry" of folly and false dreams of sudden treasure. Until fairly recent times, gambling -- like addictive drugs and prostitution -- were the monopoly of organized criminals. 

Now our state legislators, and federal authorities who "supervise" Native-American nations, have embraced gambling (and its criminal handmaidens) as legitimate industries like manufacturing and scientific technology.

(Two Atlantic City casinos owned by Donald Trump in New Jersey just went belly-up and closed. My probability professor long ago taught us that it was mathematically impossible for a casino to go bankrupt. Trump is a mathematical pioneer -- he just bankrupted two casinos.)

I'll vote to expand the beverage bottle deposit program. Without it, empty beverage bottles are just worthless litter and garbage. With it, a determined army of cash-needy people -- the homeless, the broke -- gather these bottles and redeem them for cash, and clean up our landscape.

This election cycle has come very close to making me want to stop voting altogether. (Voting "just encourages them," as a TV character once said.)

But I still, albeit shakily, believe (reasonably free and fair) democratic elections are the finest, most responsive form of government that human societies have ever evolved. I want to keep filling in my ballot every election day to show that somebody prefers the free and fair democratic vote to several other systems of government or brutality or bestial atrocity I witness elsewhere.


PatFromCH said...

Yessir ! I salute that ! Since I live in Switzerland where we invented Democracy (we just make the bold claim, hehe) I was brought up with the belief that going to the ballot at least once a year is my Right and Duty and I was always encouraged to get informed on both sides of the argument, make up my mind and get up on Sunday morning to cast my vote wether it was the aquisition of new fighter planes, legalizing weed, gay marriage, assisted death or even a reformation of our Constitution. Since political advertising on TV is prohibited here the media coverage is quite balanced, the tone civilized and in some Cantons you even have to pay a fiver or a tenner if you don’t go to the polls.
Yet – the only problem in Politics are Politicians and Lobbysts which is getting more evident even in a small country like ours. We are not far behind you....

USA ? Oh yeah, right...mid term elections, eh ? I think I read somewhere that one candidate coughed up close to 100 million of America’s Finest for his campaign...does that still have to do anything with Politics ? Representing The People ? I dunno mate....

Anonymous said...

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Vleeptron Dude said...

okay today's my busy day so I'll reply to Pat tonight, and I will have much to say about Tomorrow, which is the 11th Day of the 11th Month.

Pat, if you have any facts and history about CH during World War I, please supply them.

Anonymous, I'm sorry you seem to have had such lousy experiences with American women. Moiself, i won't be clicking on your dot com, but I suspect the Romance Dance is a pretty universally Car Wreck regardless of the nationalities of the females and males involved. That seems to be the way these things work. I don't know why.