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24 April 2015

Cantor's Monster & the Aleph (also useful to put the Golem back to sleep) / exists there an alternative universe that skipped the Vietnam War? (Puncher, Wattmann, Fartov et al say: No.) / Woodrow Wilson '65 Reunion & Senior Prom (continued) / Eat Shit and Live

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die Golem of the Praha ghetto, with magic Hebrew words that gave him Life and Death.

The Swiss Guards -- but they are NOT Toy Soldiers! These are Military Miniatures!

Aleph nul, George Cantor's symbol for the smallest infinite set. (There are bigger infinite sets.)

ach weg & Боже мой! last nite I examined the image in MSPaint with the Virtual Magnifying Glass and Lo! Ecco! There to the right and left of the artist's signature were the year, so, for LateComers to the Pizzeria, the new image has deleted the handwritten cardinal integers.

I just love Calendar Puzzles. The hardest thing i ever programmed was a program EASTERX to compute the date of Easter Sunday in the Reformed Gregorian calendar.

In Europe or all Christendom, is there or has there even been a guy called Cardinal Points? There aren't very many Cantor / Set Theory jokes / Wortspiele (sp?), I guess that's one of them.

Tell us more Man-on-the-Ground about that thing you got chained up in the backyard, Cantor's Monster. (note to self: write screenplay for SciFy movie about Cantor's Monster filling up every point in all possible real and imaginary spaces. See if Taylor Kitsch is available as the young rebel Topologist.)

Although Cantor's parents had converted to Christianity (I'm guessing Lutheran), when he invented The Monster and Mengelehre (sp?) he wanted a New Typographical Symbol which had never previously been used in math notation. Because of the demand for Yiddish printing, every Mitteleuropa print shop had the Hebrew Font, so George grabbed The Aleph. George laid it down, and it stayed there.

Jorge Luis Borges has a short story "The Aleph."

In the ancient sewers beneath Prague lurks die Golem, the Shabas Goy of clay, who sleepeth in a room without doors or windows for 33 years, then comes back to life in the Ghetto to cause Assorted Mischief. On the Golem's forehead is carved EMET = Truth, but the only way to put the Golem back to sleep is to erase The Aleph, because  MET = Death / Todt. So the spell to save the neighborhood from the mischief of the Golem is a Wortspiel.

btw if you have any interest in Living Forever, the Elixir of Life is disguised as the river of
Scheiße in the Prague sewers. Just put on a pair of sewer boots, climb down the ladder, drink your fill for hours, fill a couple of canteens for later or to give to friends, you will live forever. 

Send me back a Golem souvenir, the Golem is New Prague's tourist souvenir icon, now everybody with a Eurailpass and a VisaCard wants a Golem.

(The above is a True Myth. Have I blogged why the Unicorns went extinct? Only Agence-Vleeptron Presse knows this krap.)

PizzaQ 2: While filming the movie "Troy," what injury did Brad Pitt suffer? (1 slice Ementhaler)


Okay you posit an interesting Hypothesis: That somewhere in the MultiVerse loiters an Alternative Universe without the Vietnam War.

Actually a team of CERN physicists and cosmologists [Puncher, Wattmann, Fartov, Belcher, Testew, Cunard et al] recently proved that there can exist no Universe which does not contain the Vietnam War. In one universe, the Vietnam War takes place not in the rain forest of Southeast Asia, but in Broward County, Florida, but otherwise it's the same Stupid Useless War that France and the United States of America lose bigtime. And a different collection of Dead High School Pals dies in childbirth and comes back in body bags or as junkies.

When I get involved in Zionist web brawls, I point out that Europe had the 30 Years War and Europe had the 100 Years War, but obviously the post-Colonial Middle East is trying to break the record. Are your diplomats and humanitarians and financial executives taking a siesta or hiking in the Alps? Where are the Gnomes of Zurich? Maybe this is a job for Wilhelm Tell, because it looks like Geisler and his minions are winning from North Africa to Mumbai.


Save Your Analog Vinyl, 

Jimi Hendrix will Rise Again
(Kurt Cobain probably not. But he was on the cover of Rolling Stone a few weeks ago. Pretty nifty for a real long dead guy who mumbled incoherently.)

But I think a Mass Program of Making Today's Youth Love Our Vinyl Analog Music & its Psychedelia (BBC's Antiques Roadshow loves old Hendrix and Janis and Jefferson Airplane posters with documented provenance, no bootlegs) is doomed to fail. Pearls before Swine. Like taking the Blind on a field trip to Zentrum Klee.

Some College Girl Pals (The Smith College Radio Babes) took their feeble old weird guy pal to a Rave once out of pity. That was Different. Have you been to a Rave? How long have you ever danced continuously? Are there St Vitus or Tarantella outbreaks now and then in Yerp? St Anthony's Fire ergotism outbreaks? (Hermann's nightmare music in "Vertigo" is a Tarantella.)

I raise my hand in salute and suck on my pacifier: PLUR

My grandparents seemed to like to Flap and wear raccoon coats and play the ukulele and stuff dozens of themselves into telephone booths. and do the charleston, which had something to do with hands and knees.

Already in one of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, Clark Kent dashed into a phone booth -- but it wasn't a phone booth anymore. It was just a sidewalk pay phone pedestal. He had to change into his Soot elsewhere.

In grandpa and grandma's generation their flivvers and Hispano-Suizas had a bumper sticker:

Okay more later about these interesting musical and cosmological and mythical and automotive topics. I got to eat something bigger than my head now.


I know you have/had the Universal Military Conscription like caught me by the testes, but when's the last time Swiss guys had to go all Transalpine and get shot at and blown up by evil heathens?

I'm not talking about the Swiss Guard, I like their nifty outfits. The company that makes the above metal miniatures promises that soon it will sell a tiny metal Pope to be protected by the tiny metal Swiss Guards.

The US Army trained me in about a dozen weapons, but I must have been doing kitchen duty the day they trained us to use the pike.

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