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11 April 2015

Postalö Vleeptron litho misprint 4-sheet / heads-up: save this extremely rare issue, there will be no more

Click stamp to enlarge.

Lenny & Spike, the teenage part-time deputy postmasters of Postalö Vleeptron, contracted with a substandard lithographer in Ciudad Vleeptron for PV's commemorative "Private Luxury Supersonic Aviation." I arrived just in time to see these embarrassments roll off the press, and hit the STOP button.

After consulting with Lenny & Spike, we believe only 12 of these stamps (3 4-sheets) were issued. There will certainly be no more.

If you believe in the investment potential of phauxphilately, PV suggests you grab these misprints and put them in your safe deposit box. And wait. Don't use them to mail the cable bill.

1 comment:

Levko Velet said...

I get your idea, it's awesome! Have you heard about I want to use it in my personal needs, but still not sure.