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22 August 2015

puffins! / & our new barfing cornucopia of all digital media ever recorded v archived / feline thyroid troubles? / free link to Videodrome (4 pervs only)

Click the Atlantic Puffin.

S.W.M.B.O. & Vleeptron Dude have returned from our wonderful Adventure to see Atlantic Puffins around their island rookery, and eat Maine Coast seafood.

A few weeks ago, we decided we needed a fancy New TV more than I needed a kidney transplant, S.W.M.B.O. found The Mother Of All Bargains, set up the thing, got this extra dingus called a Roku, and suddenly this Digital Cornucopia of Stuff started barfing out of the screen. 

With 3 button presses, I can be watching Haiti TV Publique en Creole. (TLM is smiling for the camera in Port au Prince, but I sense all is not Really Happy -- especially now that the Dominican Republic is forceably deporting everybody they suspect of having Haitian DNA.)

Life on Hispaniola, both ends of it, has always been tres dificil, muy loco y violent. One end is the wonderful land of Porfirio Rubirosa (alleged to have had the biggest penis on Earth) and the former capital Ciudad Trujillo -- for which Ciudad Vleeptron was named.) Both ends have hated one another since forever, or at least since the slaves overthrew Napoleon's French colonials -- first ever Slave Victory over the Euro enslavers, & Independence!

Maybe I can get HabanaVision now!

I wonder if this thing can get Videodrome. I've always wanted to see a little Videodrome. This could be my chance.

(It CLAIMS it's 3D too. I'll let you know when I see the 3rd D, but meanwhile in anticipation of this new development, we stole 2 pair of 3D glasses when we went to the Multi-Odeon Quad-18 Polyplex Cinema to see "Minions." Cahiers du Vleeptron will review this film in an upcoming edition, also we're pledged to do an issue on Luc Besson, Jean Reno and Le Grand Bleu.)


Hiya welcome home, I'm in pretty good shape, let me know if there's Physical Labor you need me to do. (Not relocating the cord of firewood -- but offer to help with the litter boxes still stands. Not happily, but the offer still stands.)

Now that you have secured an e-portal to All Digital Media Ever Recorded / Archived, could you hunt for the movie

"The Hot Rock"

with George Segal, Robert Redford, Zero Mostel?

I can say no more, except that we shall watch it together, and it will be Gorilla Glue or Loc-Tite for our Love Bond.

(Or I can watch it at 3 am alone.)

One of the Geiger Counter loonies (actually GEO, the Founding Grand Krigat of GC Loonies) just posted a list of regional feline thyroid clinics, interested in info on our nearest feline thyroid clinic?

I guess "feline" implies we could also take our jaguar, all manner of our Big Cats if we suspect a thyroid issue. But not fisher cats, they're Weasels. We need a different specialist if our fisher cat gets thyroid trouble.



Anonymous said...

Where will you be on August 21, 2017?

Vleeptron Dude said...

Okay, that's 3 days ago + 2 years. Well, 2016 will be a leap year, so add 1 day.

Hopefully I will be

* vertical
* ambulatory
* conscious, crisp & responsive

... and if you mean geo-ware, probably on top of our short Appalachian, and it will probably be a hot and humid day -- or maybe a big thunderstorm with floods. Such things come at their own schedule and are difficult to foresee.

But it will be a Thursday. Did you know that? My average late-August Thursday is

* hydrating
* watching TV by day
* doing computer stuph by night

Is there a Life Extincting Asteroid/Meteor Event scheduled or predicted for Thursday 21 August 2017?


Vleeptron posted the Maya Apocalypse Doomsday Souvenir t-shirt a week before Friday 21 December 2012, it's one of my favorite t-shirts.

A man in a soot standing next to me at the print shop when I picked it up was interested but a little startled at the whole concept. Finally he asked, "What happens if the World doesn't end?" I hadn't considered this possibility when I made the commemorative shirt. "Bummer," I said.

So what are you getting at? (And who are you? You know Vleeptron Rule 1 is

No Anonymous Driveby Comments

.) Are you inviting me to something? An event? A party? A ritual circumcision (of a boy, I ain't into that female circumcision thing, It Is 100% Wrong, Stop It Now).

Now that I think of it, i ain't into that male circumcision thing either, but nobody was thoughtful enough to consult me about it at the time. It's actually not a Jewish thing, the Jews picked it up from their Egyptian hosts. And thought it was a great way to show how much little boys loved God.

I try to look back through æons and make sense of what I see then through the haze of time, but I am still having a hard time grokking "Let's chop off every male's foreskin as a central ritual of worship. This will make God very happy."

I know a shaggy dog story about a mohel/moyel/Jewish circumcisor. Query me if you want to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Great American Solar Eclipse - path of totality crosses the lower 48

Starting in the northwest then onto - Kansas City - St. Louis - Nashville - Charleston

200 million estimated to live within a days drive of seeing a total eclipse

So - where will you be?

Vleeptron Dude said...

Cool! Thanks! I subscribe to Sky & Telescope, they always give me tons of loud warning for every kind of eclipse!

Do you know about the Saros Cycle eclipses?

i flew to Australia to see Comet Halley ... and I chased an eclipse by hitching a ride on Navy plane from TX to Florida Panhandle ...

I could get to this eclipse in a day's drive ... but ... well ... i got lots of time to decide if I want to or not.