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16 September 2015

PizzaQ! Wiggle the 3D thing! Make it dance!

after you

click here

use screen cursor to wiggle the 3D thing. 

Also right click puts up a nifty menu to change lots of stuff and make it dance weirdly.

if you are or are not Amy and know what the 3D thing is, Leave a Comment.

1 Large Endive & Brussels Sprout Pizza.

Extra Garlic: Where can you get lots of this stuff, and what might it do to you or for you?


PatFromCH said...

I have cheated again....bloody hell I think I should become a politician. At least I am Not A Robot

I have taken chemicals, not studied the subject and because I have cheated but am not exactly 100 % sure of my cheat here is a hint:

Mike Stone said...

I know what it is, but I'm not sure if I "cheated" or not. I didn't know the compound off the top of my head, but it's pretty much in the URL if you can do a hex to ascii conversion. Pretty simple. Don't know if I should put it in here though since I might have cheated doing it that way.

Vleeptron Dude said...

nah, i forgot to say the PizzaQ Honor System has been suspended just this one time. If the url gives the molecule away and u r 1st to notice, you win the pizza. I just love these hi-tek 3D wiggle molecules. did you mess around with the big drop-down menu?

HOWEVER ... it is incumbent on me, as a member of the Vleeptron High Non-Junk Science Council, to point out that there are lots of suspicions that this is one goddam important powerful maybe even magickal molecule.

Somebody should buy the marketing rights and raise the price to $750 per pill, make a fucking killing.

Mike Stone said...

OK, then it appears to be Resveratrol.