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26 May 2016

PizzaQ! new t-shirt / somebody wake Amy / progress in Machine Translation between Natural Languages / Nob schmoz ka-Pop

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LEAVE A COMMENT if you know what (if anything) my t-shirt means or represents. What is it? What is it trying to say to strangers, kin, police officers, children?

What will my torso say to people I pass? (If anything.)

There's a Face. Say something about that.

Three Words. Each is a valid legal kosher halal even nice polite positive word.

There's a shitload of a gazillion colored little spheres. Somebody wake Amy.

Put them all together, and they tell the world: 

What's going on on my public torso in a day or two? What's going on on your public torso in a day or two if you print this out and take it to Paradise Copies, Northampton MA USA and give the clerk some money, and come back the next day and you got a wonderful new t-shirt. (Once or twice I've put it on in the parking lot. I couldn't wait till I got home.)

But making a new t-shirt at Paradise Copies in Northampton (a big heavy fancy smart college/university town with much disposable income) is just goddam fun. I like to do my work and then linger and loiter and gawk. The whole workspace is just buzzing with ideas and goofy images and goofy-looking young and old people and have it tomorrow by noon. It has 5 types of liquid adhesive, it has adhesive tape, double-sided (my fave), staplers, scissors, gang punchers, all free, and it has about 20 self-serve monster computer-controlled photocopy machines. Reductions, Enlargements, you punch in the percentage change you want.

Everything in Northampton, Massachusetts is called Paradise. Paradise Pizza. Paradise Prosthetics. (We have a lot of military veterans because of the Veterans hospital and the USA's longest-ever wars.) Paradise Septic Service. Because [Wikipedia]

In 1851 opera singer Jenny Lind, the "Swedish Nightingale", declared [at the Academy of Music, still there, box office opens at noon] Northampton to be the "Paradise of America", from which Northampton took its nickname The Paradise City.

Chef on South Park tells the kids:

"Boys, there's a time and a place for everything. It's called college."

Big Pizza with Funghi & Garlic & Shallots for best (true) Comment. But feel free to submit False and/or Not True Comments. 

The Dutch Power Cows are Dutch cows which run very fast and produce milk for delicious cheese on powerful engines (made by Philips in Lightbulbville).

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 This is what my translator gives:

The Dutch Power Cows have been proposed for ISOC (Internet society the Netherlands) award in the categorie best social initiative. The Internet society is an association which in 170 landen active are, and that accessible, stable and safe Internet on world scale pursues. She does that by means of requested and unasked advices, concrete projects and by knowledge available to put for ...........



Geoff Blackwell

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