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25 May 2016

Spring Break! la vie Hellenique / Flaming Youth, Excuse Our Dust / I'm pledging ΛΧΑ! Awesome!

Oregon Fraternities Allegedly Trash California Island

College students visit the island in the middle of Lake Shasta annually.

Cleanup Underway at Lake Shasta After Fraternity Visit
CBS Sacramento

The University of Oregon is investigating allegations that a student trip spearheaded by its fraternities trashed a nearby island.
Up to 1,000 students, on 60 houseboats, are said to have been involved in wrecking Slaughterhouse Island, leaving trash everywhere in a location that has little mechanisms for its disposal. The island has no bathrooms. Park officials found 90 abandoned tents, trash bags, sleeping bag, coolers, and Oregon apparel.

College students visit the island in the middle of Lake Shasta in Northern California each year in May.

"What was different about this one is they left behind an incredible amount of trash," a representative for Shasta-Trinity National Forest told Tribune Media Wire.

The university itself called the scene "disgraceful."

"The manner in which the forest was left was absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful," said Robin Holmes, the vice president for student life.

There are about 4,000 students who are involved in fraternities and sororties at the University of Oregon. This is not the first time they have been implicated in trouble. Last month a report by the school found many of the fraternites and sororities perform hazing rituals where the students are forced to drink an excessive amount.

One photo from over the weekend showed a cooler with Lambda Chi Alpha's letters and the phrase, "Do you wanna do some blow man?"

No arrests have been made.

It was just a typical weekend," says Rob Sandbloom, sergeant in charge of the boating unit for the Shasta County Sheriff's Department. "When the college kids come down here...we have all of our boats out on the water."
Sandbloom did lambast the students, however.

"My personal guess is they have no respect for mankind, but professionally, I don't know," he said.

Park authorities are just trying to get the place back in shape for the holiday weekend.

"It's going to be days until it's cleaned up," Phyllis Swanson, spokeswoman for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, said. "We hope to have it done by Memorial Day."

"This type of event puts a great amount of stress on us," she said. "We're low on resources and now we have to pull people from other programs to help with the clean-up."

Curt Mills Staff Writer

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