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19 October 2016

bad touch!

Click Cat in Hat, maybe gets bigger.

Only one thing can save the United States of America now. 

On Tuesday, November 8

as is the tradition of Chicago, tens of thousands of dead people must rise from the grave and vote Democratic.

Vote Early! Vote Often!

EXTRA CREDIT: Suddenly you need a babysitter for your daughters and nieces. Only Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are available. Which would you call? Explain your answer.


Anonymous said...

Donald of course.He is such a clown. The Hillybilly aunt would just charge too much. Anyway from both the kids would learn:
America is no community but a buisness, so throw over the bloody green bucks....or go and watch Deadwood and learn something.

Best from Berlin Uwe

Vleeptron Dude said...

Schnellst gibt mir diese e-mail addie von Uwe, I have gelossen it.

You talk like typical rote Wedding guy

Wikipedia: After World War I, Wedding was known as "Red Wedding" as it was renowned for its militant, largely Communist working class; it was the scene of violent clashes between Communist and Nazi sympathizers in the late 1920s.


of course you are korrekt, United States of America is, maybe always was, just as you say. I was thinking today of the Brecht phrase you taught me: "Why rob a bank when you can own a bank?"

Also I have been thinking of Mahagonny, Alabama -- a place Weill and Brecht had never been to, in a nation Weill and Brecht had never been to. Everything is for sale and there is only 1 crime: Not Paying the Bill. (Capital crime, the guillotine.) Yeah, that's USA in my lifetime.

Yes, I forgot the fee$ Hillary charges for babysitting -- I think $75,000 per hour.

Uwe I could kaput myself for falling out of touch. Maurystodt hit me bad, and you know i disappear from depression now and then. So bitte send me e-mail, I will Wake Up like Count Dracul at sundown.

Vleeptron Dude said...

GRAF Dracul ... oder Graf Nosferatu.

Are you making any progress to bring UFA studio back to Amazing Zauber Studio?

Anonymous said...

Boy o´ boy. Did hit us all? Was I in dark waters ? Yes. % years, 6 years, I don know. I lost the concept of time inbetween. Well here I am again. The studios in Postdam are Tom Hanks playground very often. Sometimes Spielbergs. But no new Wegeners, Langs or Murnaus in sight. But I have been in the Judische Museum last week and saw the GOLEM exihibition.
Golems of our time were included, from China through USA. No surprise your Babysitters were included as examples for the modern golems.

Vleeptron Dude said...

you cannot have Golem. Since Velvet Revolution, new free Prague/Praha has become Golem City, the Golem is The Official Tourist Souvenir of Praha.

Did I tell you about the Elixir of Life? It is the waste, the Scheisse, in the ancient sewers beneath the city. It makes you immortal -- but who would think to look for the Elixir of Life in a river of Scheisse?

How is Antikriegsmuseum?

Hi Susanne, Walther PPK Grampa says hi!

Vleeptron Dude said...

Oh and to stay young forever, you must drink from the river of Scheisse. Skol!