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25 October 2016

this is going out to Pat from Confederatio Helvetica

it's from des biquers Quebecoises 

Trump opened a campaign rally with a Neil Young song ("Keep on Rockin in the Free World"), and Neil immediately told Yankee Pervert Loser Psycho Klown to stop using his songs for his sick violent fascist rallies.

Neil and Crazy Horse will take the Zeta Beam to Akira Kurasawa Zeta Beam Drome in Ciudad Vleeptron to play at Club Drek Saturday night. Don't miss it. Most of the band are alive, but Vleeptron and Club Drek do not discriminate against the dead. 

In fact Club Drek's favorite act is The Dead! Jerry et al are playing CD next Bangerday.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sweet Jesus!
I came here because you appreciate good music, Patience and Prudence, for instance. But this is just terrible. Isn't this the same man that sang about a friend overdosed on a hard drug? No matter. I'm going to unfollow you.
You are at least a loyal Trump Army Volunteer judging from the text. I'm waiting up all night to follow the election coverage on my web computer. Exciting times!!!
Aunt Crabby

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hi Aunt Crabby!

In a few hours I shall careen to my polling place and [ X ] Hillary Clinton.

My People have a phrase: The lesser of two plagues. Thus my vote.

I lied, I'm not yet in the Altekacherhaus = Old Farts Home. I'm 69, the last of the Vietnam-era draftees (see my chestful of medals on a recent post), and below the President race I'll be voting YES on Proposition 4 to legalize recreational marijuana in my Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

But yeah, I used to watch Perry Como and listen to Patience and Prudence on the Dumont.

A few days after JFK's assassination, on Perry's regular variety show, Mr. Como said -- it seemed to be ex tempore, ad lib, his own thought -- a startling little speech to his huge TV audience. He beautifully helped us heal.

I'm an old lefty hippie, and I served honorably so I could keep my Big Fat American Mouth and not be chased out of my birthland by murderous psychos.

Yeah, I dig Perry Como. I dig Patience & Prudence. I dig Frank Zappa and Neil Young. Oh Lordy, I LOVE Charles Ives (who asked: Why do I like these things? Are my ears on wrong?)

My wife and I agreed last week that henceforth we would refer to the Republican candidate as He Whose Name Must Not Be Spoke. When his face comes on the TV screen, we switch to "Dinosaur Train" or "Thomas the Tank Engine."

The Russian band Pussy Riot just released a new song: "Make America Great Again." Tho 2 of them had nursing babies, Putin tossed them in a Siberian gulag for desecrating a Russian Orthodox cathedral. When they were released, they came to the USA, and were Artists in Residence at the University of Michigan @ Ann Arbor.

Aunt Crabby, we'll BOTH get through the next few days and the next few years. Look at what you've already successfully survived. I suspect we're both tough old birds who can get through just about any US political noise.