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06 November 2016

today's nostalgia on the Big Screen in Altekackerhaus / Patience & Prudence "Tonight You Belong To Me" on Perry Como / can i get some form of cannabis in this place

about 2 hours ago Tiffani wheeled me into the social room of Altekackershaus, and this was on the Big Screen to amuse us Senior Citizens, to waft us to our Happy Place, and keep us Happy.

Somebody please wipe this drool off my mouth.

Diabetics and Perverts are prohibited by Federal Law from viewing this video. For Nostalgia Purposes Only.

Goodman Ace (of the radio smash "Easy Aces") wrote the jokes. Note the last joke, about the Fun Side of taking physical liberties with minors (or minors taking physical liberties with Perry Como).

The food here sucks.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much. Mister Como was always one of my favourites and it is fun to find a fellow traveler who remembers the good times. You're a true connoisseur.
I loved Patience and Prudence growing up and I'd appreciate it so much if you'd post a recording of them singing the Teresa Brewer song "Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now".
Goodnight and God bless you and Donald Trump.
Aunt Crabby