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17 March 2017

besbol team on Pi Day V.2 (more digits of infinite expansion) / screw besbol, screw Red Sox, screw Clark & Calvin Griffith / and change damn name of the [American] football Washington team

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Phroso seems to think this is a besbol team called The Colorado Rockies. I never heard of them. Screw besbol, since my beloved Washington (DC) Senators (@ Griffith Stadium) vanished. 

But I congratulate the Rockies for starting their game in this fashion on Universe Pi Day

Here is another photograph of the team wearing another bunch of the infinite decimal expansion of Pi. Although one famous ball player had only one arm, most players have TEN digits on each grasper. (I spell it TEN because 10 = TWO if you have just TWO digits on your grasper.)

btw if (like the loony Chudnovsky Brothers on their homebrew supercomputer in their Harlem slum apartment a block from the dead body on the sidewalk) you compute the decimal expansion of π out to many millions of digits, it turns out that, so far, π is NORMAL, which means it has almost precisely the same number of each of the base 10 digits 0123456789.

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