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21 March 2017

PizzaEssay! belated Besbol ᴨ Day Pageant V.3

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The Vleeptron Dewd is, as always, ripshit that we have been accused of Photoshopping. That is a Lie, Fake Lamestream Media News to distort and corrupt the Blogosphere.

Vleeptron Dude uses only MSPaint (free!) to improve and tart up images & photographs.

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Anyway now we got a PizzaEssay! 1 Round Large Pizza (ᴨ r NOT Square, ᴨ r ROUND!) with extra anchovies for Best Comment regarding this topic.

Okay, Me and Ramanujan and Liebniz and other smart Earth Sentients got lots of Fancy Equations to compute out to as many damn expansion digits as you like. (Using a modification of a Ramanujan equation, the Chudnovsky Brothers took it out to a Billion Digits, I think, in their Harlem Homebrew Supercomputer.)

Every One of These Equations or Methods 

.....or Algorithms starts with 3
which is used to stretch it to 3.1
which is used to stretch it to 3.14
which is used to stretch it to 3.141 

ad infinitum. The next new digit to the right depends on all the digits you already cooked up on the left.

Which even supercomputers find tedious.

But suppose I just want to find 1 single expansion digit ...
say, I want ONLY the 62,707th digit. Screw all the digits to its left, screw all the digits to its right, I am not in the least interested in any of them.

Is that possible? 

Don't just say YES or NO. If you want the Pizza with anchovies, say Actual True Specific Things. Show your work. Cite sources. Use footnotes. Ask your Mom. Call Klaas in Rotterdam. Rotate your tires.

If you can win this Pizza, you are goddam smart!

And contrariwise, if you cannot win this Pizza, you are Not Smart.


Mike Stone said...

Well, kinda. If you cheat. Pi is a fascinating number in that so far it has never been found to have any recognizable pattern, and people have looked. Because there's no pattern, it's impossible to know what number falls into any given slot without cheating.

How do you cheat?

Well, that's easy. Someone else has already done all the hard work. We already know Pi out to quadrillions of places. As long as you're only looking for numbers that are within that range, we can just look them up with a simple lookup algorithm. That's probably not what you meant though.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Great answer! The Chudnovsky Brothers, as mentioned, computed pi to a record-breaking billion+ decimal digits, stored them on hard disks, and I'm sure would be happy to give you just the 32,705th digit.

But sorry, no Pizza. The Ministry of Pizza specifically wants to know if there exists a method where you give an equation 32,705, and the specific digit in that spot comes out the other end.

This method/equation/algorithm/whatever fetches your desired digit WITHOUT first computing any of the digits to its left.

There's a very subtle Hint in what I've just written, but I can say no more.

Well, and here's a Big Hint: There *IS* such a method/equation/algorithm/whatever! But if you want the Pizza, the MoP needs facts, names, citations. Real stuff.

Vleeptron Dude said...

This is neither HINT nor KLEW. Nor Cluedo. Nor Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe.

It is a TEASE. I can't imagine it will in any way get you your Prize Pizza with anchovies any quicker.

Except possibly giving your Ambition To Get The Pizza a Big Jolt in the Fundijo. To get you off your Dupa and stop sleeping and keep grinding till you Get The Pizza. Get the 6-pack of Jolt Cola and Start Thinking, and Don't Stop Till You Got the Pizza.

Vleeptron Dude sincerely totally 110% is convinced that This Math Thing (a technical term) is the Most Brilliant and Most Unexpected thingamabob in Human Deep Thinking of the last (just guessing) 30 years. This thing is Better Than Sliced Bread. This thing is Better Than Gwen Stefani's Mid-Torso & Navel. This btw is no achievement by the astonishing New World of Artificial Inteligence, Our Brilliant (or Very Persistent) Silicon Friends.

Human People thunk this up. Homo sapiens. You could have sex with these Humans and reproduce, that's how closely we are related to this or these Human(s).

I think this is the Cat's Pajamas, the Bee's Knees, sliced Wonder Bread, The Miami Serpentarium (look for the huge cobra head over the entrance) and a Bouncy Castle all rolled into one. If this doesn't thrill, astonish and electrify you (when you grok it), then maybe you're that New-Fangled Silicon Artificial Intelligence. Maybe you're a Neural Net, maybe you're one of those new Quantum Gizmos.

Clever is measured on the Vleeptron Unit System in milliTeslas. Nikola Tesla was recently portrayed in movies by David Bowie, Bowie's last film role. He chewed scenery that ain't been chewed like that since Klaus Kinski went off his medications in 1972. If I am powerless to defend myself against Death's Final Victory, I'd really like to Exit as Bowie did for about 10 or 15 on-screen moments (wide-screen and great color) involving vicious huge guard dogs. If you ask real nice, I'll tell you the name of the movie. If you Comment the name of the movie, I'll credit you 1 Slice Plain.