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14 August 2006

PizzaQ: What City Is This?

3 Slices with Pineapple:
What City Is This?
Click all you want.


U.B. said...

Adelaide,Australia I supposse.

Bob Merkin said...

Unglaublich! und Schnell!

Okay I erased every "Adelaide" and I erased every "SA" (South Australia.)

How did you figure it out so fast? What were your Sherlock Holmes clues?

(Or are you just very hungry for the Pineapple Pizza?)

U.B. said...

Thought...Hyde Park London has no beach next to it.
So googled for King William Road.
Touch down. Uwe

Jim Olson said...

I Googled Rundle Mall. Got the same answer...Adelaide.

U.B. said...

Btw Pineapple Pizza ...BRRRRRRRRR.Uwe

pat's pub said...

It was the Metro logo in the lower right that did it for me. But I was too late 8sigh)und UB bekommt die Pizza. Verfluchte Hölle.
I've been to Adelaide TWICE (hehe) Nice ciy. Lotsa free space, lotsa green, lotsa college students, a good rock radio station (Triple M)and nice Pubs.
Now may we know what the image of an Addie map is doing on Vleep ?

Bob Merkin said...

Okay, last night I was looking something up on Wikipedial, and the featured article on its Home Page was about ...

The O-Bahn Busway in the South Australian capital city of Adelaide is the world's longest and fastest guided busway.

I've been to Adelaide too, where I had the most delicious Moretown Bay Bugs (disgusting name, sublime taste) sauteed in olive oil in a Greek restaurant, and the next morning took the Ghan train north to Alice Springs to see Comet Halley and drink Red Centre Beer.

Adealaide is as beautiful and charming as you say. But as World Cities go, it is a bit obscure, off the beaten path, dwarfed in fame by Melbourne and Sydney.

So I clicked to the O-Bahn map, erased all references to the name of the city, and wondered how quick someone could identify the city.

1. The map is in English.

2. The English is in the British or Commonwealth style of spelling.

3. Some things are "Royal This" and "Royal That," and I think there is only one King or Queen in the English-Speaking World these days -- so the country had to still be loyal to the British crown -- so it couldn't be any African former colony of Britain which no longer swears loyalty to HM.

But of course, when in doubt, Google.