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23 October 2008

braille from my doctor's office decoded!

Bien sur, cliquez, plus grande. plus clair

CLOSE ENOUGH!!!! patfromch wins the Shredded Wheat or the Grape Nuts, his choice! Outstanding!


patfromch said...

Now if you use standard Braille then you will get the floor and room number (3-B3), note that the first sign what looks like an L with a hangover must be set in fromt of a number and the one dot indicates that a capital letter follows. The two dots in the middle represent a hyphon.

Unless this is Braille shorthand, then it would mean something completly different.

I still have doubts tho, since you originally offered 9 slices of Pizza for that Q...

Remember that Braille table I sent you ?

Turned out to be useless since there are major differences between german and english / north american Braille.

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