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09 October 2008

this is a test / hope it still wiggles

Sure, click.

GRRRRRR!!! it's not wiggling. That like totally sucks.

Go HERE (the Secret Part of the Internet where my old website is hidden), it wiggles there.

This is a test
to see if the upper left image wiggles for you (and for me). It wiggled when I created it about 10 years ago, and it was still wiggling today when I hunted it down in a Secret Corner of the Internet Which You Can't Find, haha, and I copied it.

The lower left image shows two wisecracking American scientist guys talking to a bushy-eyebrowed Alien guy from Planet Metaluna. The Alien guy FedEx'ed the wisecracking scientist guys an Interocitor Kit, they followed the instructions and built the Kit, they turned it on, and there was the Alien guy talking to them on the screen.

The upper left image is my Heathkit Interocitor IR-55, which I use to teleconference with my pals on Vleeptron when the Zeta Beam isn't working.

You can rent "This Island Earth" (1955), or you can rent "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie," where a janitor from Minnesota and his robot pals are forced by Evil Scientists to watch "This Island Earth" and make rude, vulgar comments about the cheezy old sci-fi movies they're watching in the movie theater aboard the Satellite o Love. Later Crow the Robot remembers he has an Interocitor Kit in his bedroom, they find it under the bed and they build it, and they chat with another Alien Guy from Metaluna.

Any questions? Did it wiggle for you?


Jim Olson said...


What an utter delight and amazment to re-visit Elmer Elevator's Discount Prep website. What a time-warp. I knew it had to exist somewhere...nothing ever completely disappears from the Interwebs. Thank you for a trip back to a very happy time in my life. I'm in another very happy time, of must road trip the hour and a bit down here some week.

patfromch said...

Nah, doesnt wiggloe either over here. Tried Safari, Firefox and even bloody IE, works on your old site tho.

Now that site is really fun, old school, funny and with lots of colors !

Strange, both images are gif, maybe it has something to do with that new bloody Vista paint thingy, who knows ? Or Java, Flash or whatever they call those animations nowdays.

Ah, that triangle reminds me of old episodes of Lost in Space and Flash Gordon where they used a similar deivce to communicate. I gotta watch this MST3k movie, could be right down my lane ! And Wall-E once they release it over here.