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15 October 2008

GrapeNutsQ or ShreddedWheatQ! What do the dots say?

Why certainly, feel free to click.

Because of all the complaints about how I hand-copied these signs at my doctor's office a few months ago, this is no longer a PizzaQ.

Now it's a ShreddedWheatQ. Or, your choice, a GrapeNutsQ. If you don't know what these delicious food items are, don't bother Googling. You have to actually try to eat them to fully appreciate their unique cuisine virtue. (Grape Nuts can break your teeth.)

Anyway, this time when I went to the doctor I took my itty-bitty camera, and while I waited for the nurse, I photographed the signs. The dots aren't yellow, but I added the yellow to enhance the clarity.

So, for your choice of delicious Grape Nuts or Shredded Wheat, what do these dots say?

1 comment:

patfromch said...

Now if you use standard Braille then you will get the floor and room number (3-B3), note that the first sign what looks like an L with a hangover must be set in fromt of a number and the one dot indicates that a capital letter follows. The two dots in the middle represent a hyphon.
Unless this is Braille shorthand, then it would mean something completly different.
I still have doubts tho, since you originally offered 9 slices of Pizza for that Q...

Remember that Braille table I sent you ?

Turned out to be useless since there are major differences between german and english / north american Braille.