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04 November 2008

Election Day USA

Copyright (c) 2008 by Ron Bizer

Okay, please forgive the unconscionable delay, but here is Vleeptron's Guide to USA Election 2008.

A cable documentary the other night claimed the 1828 campaign between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson was nastier than this one.

That can't possibly be true.

This sucker was without doubt the nastiest, most mean-spirited political campaign I can remember. I first voted in 1968, so I have crisp memories of the last 12 presidential elections. This one wins the Guinness World Record for ugliness and toxicity, hands down, no question about it. It makes Nixon and his henchcreeps look like elegant and dainty sportsmen and gentlemen.

Its endless spiral into the crapper of the human spirit has made me physically and emotionally ill, and invaded my sleep with nightmares.

I have for the past year or more witnessed the industrial-scale professional and amateur destruction of community and the polarization and paralysis of a nation and society which once was a fine thing.

Character assassination of the loopiest and most untrue nature has become the commonplace of our politics.

SPECIAL MENTION goes to the Fox News Channel, and particularly to its stars O'Reilly and Hannity, for smearing the campaign with racist fear-mongering lying excrement. Fox, of course, is the misbegotten toxic toad of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, and I wish them both an incurable skin disease which forces them to spend the rest of their pathetic lives lying in a bathtub of tepid oatmeal.

It very much pleases me that in a day or two, their worst nightmare will have become manifest and true. I will very much enjoy what happens to Fox News Channel over the next eight years.

SPECIAL MENTION also to Cable News Network (CNN), which has turned journalism and national reporting into an animated cartoon for 4-year-olds, including electronic slide-whistle music and thudding background percussion. I'm sure their twinkie young girl newsreaders will be narrowcasting the news topless in six or seven months, there is no gimmick so whorish or brain-dead that they will not enthusiastically embrace if it gets them a 1/2 point of audience share. I wish the brains behind CNN, starting with Ted Turner, the same incurable skin disease and lifelong bathtubs of tepid oatmeal.

If you have not already voted -- as many as a third of voters in states that offer early voting have already voted --

PRESIDENT: Barack Obama

Please don't vote for McCain and that psycho fruitloop Palin. Give Planet Earth a break. We can't take four more years of Bush's whack and anti-constitutional lawless policies and violent acts.


The Dead CAN Vote!

A friend told me her husband's 92-year-old aunt voted early last week. Then, a few days ago, she returned home from the supermarket, and dropped dead.

The family telephoned the voting authority with their odd question. The voting authority told them the aunt's vote would count, and she would in no way be penalized or discriminated against for being dead.

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