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27 April 2009

Lest We Forget v.2.0 / crap I need to go out / winter crap / summer crap

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I cleaned up the filched faux needlepoint alphabet to make it clearer. And I remembered some more stuff.

No William Morris wallpaper this time, just a painted wall, like the kitchen wall where I'll hang it as a checklist when I'm going out.

It's springtime, so I don't need all the winter crap I needed. But I want to remember to take the itty-bitty camera and the nifty new compact rubberized binoculars I got in Sint Maarten.
nI'm glad I had them with me when I was driving around last week, because I saw a white drake chasing other ducks away from his territory on a pond. With these binocs, maybe I'll start to get good at birding. Of course I'll have to add a field guide to birds and wildlife.

I get really pissed off and frustrated when I forget to take all the shit I need, and the list just keeps getting longer. The $·¢ is coins I need for the parking meter.

I get totally ripshit if I forget my coffee. I got a fancy new go-mug that you can turn upside-down and not a drop spills. Its handle ends in a caribiner so it snaps on my backpack.

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