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08 April 2009

VleePorn: blogger's strategy to increase traffic / nude attractive young women on Edwardian bicycles / The Kind Men Like

Yes, absolutely, click on this image.

A major reason millions of people do not click on this blog every day is we don't post any porn. When we post porn, it all turns out to be naked women in famous museum paintings, sometimes non-representational, so the attractive young naked woman has been portrayed as some colorful sort of stick figure fundamentally projecting the Female Principle.

So we admit, porn on Vleeptron has been very disappointing. Always edifying, always educational. But boring.
Okay, here is Hot Porn.

Or at least Here is Nice Porn. I filched it from Bike Hugger.

If it's a bicycle, or a part of a bicyle, or a thingie you can attach to a bicycle, these guys post its picture. Most of these bloggers wear Spandex shorts and tops most of the time, and ride around the Pacific Northwest with little water bottles that cost $80.

This bike happened to have an attractive nude young woman sitting on it, so they posted the bicycle, and the attractive nude young woman sitting on it.

Maybe the poster, DL Byron

Byron's rain bike is a custom titanium Davidson; he races on the Hotspur; gets errands done on Bettie, a sport-utility bike, and travels with the Modal.

could Leave A Comment and tell us what year this very attractive bicycle was manufactured.
From various hints and clues, I am guessing this photograph dates from 1900-1910, so the attractive nude young woman is now about 84, which I hope immunizes VleeptronZ from any and all applicable statutes and liabilities. Certainly they are on shakey ground if they need her testimony to make a case against Agence-Vleeptron Presse.

A wonderful series of novels, by the Irish novelist Joyce Cary, about an artist's model and her artist -- 40 years after he painted her -- begins with "The Horse's Mouth" and focuses on the model in "Herself Surprised." Alec Guinness directed and starred in a wonderful movie of "The Horse's Mouth." The third book is "To Be a Pilgrim."

If making Art (using real people rather than bowls of fruit) is anything like making Sausage, and you really don't want to see how it's made, this is the chance to see how it's made, and by what sorts of people, and what trying to make Art does to your head and some other organs.

There is also a great deal about the relationship between Not-Artists (who have all the Money) and Artists (who have no Money).

The buzz is that if you want a young female model, for college art class or to photograph, she is likely having addiction problems and needs the quick, fast, relatively easy money, preferably in cash, with the fewest possible forms to fill out, few questions asked. If it is college art class, they will not be too picky about what her face and body look like -- it's all good -- nor particulary rigid about her age, if she can show i.d.

My uncle was briefly a painter in Paris around 1918, until the American Red Cross rescued and de-programmed him from that sordid life and low companions of both sexes of Rive Gauche, and returned him to Baltimore to marry his fiancee, whom he seemed to have forgotten after requesting he take his Army discharge in France. Returned under Red Cross escort to Baltimore, they promptly married, raised a family, and well into the 1970s my aunt and uncle ran a successful chain of dry-cleaning and tailoring stores.

Porn from Europe and America of this era was often touted as "The Kind Men Like." So possibly a common fantasy of the Edwardian era was an attractive naked young woman atop an excellent, expensive bicycle, with a few daisies stuck in the wheel.

Until very recently, the British elite educated their boys and girls seperately, so by the time A Young Man's Fancy Turns to Thoughts of Love, he doesn't really know any females other than his mother and sisters, knows nothing about the actual nature of that gender.

So he imagines them without their clothes sitting on fine bicycles.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Vleeptron knows.

I mean, this stuff is depraved. So I should get tens of thousands of hits now, or maybe even Go Viral.

Vleeptron -- with New Porn! With New Old Porn! More Old Porn! The Kind Men Like!


Amy said...

Porn? Did you say porn? Yes, what every blog needs is more porn :) But...why just girl porn? I can get that from looking in the mirror every morning >:)

Vleeptron Dude said...

AMY!!! You COMMENTED!!! How's da KID???

(deep shame, i owe da kid a Gift ...)

Well okay I am interpreting this as a Request, I will see what I can scare up.

RheLynn said...

(not Amy) hahaha.... hmmm... and so I end up with very odd responses to the site tracking on my blog from porn on vleeptronz... Well, good to see you anyway ;) I've fallen off the geeky girl bandwagon for a while.. besides some philosophy reading and a little optics lately, most of the time goes to the little one and making things for her when I'm not working. Never did figure out what your line was a representation of.. some border between two states or countries but DH said I was obsessing and he took my atlas away.. j/k he did say I was obsessing though. Take care and be well.