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04 July 2009

Stop me before I post more McGarrigle Sisters Québécois songs

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and watch their very funny YouTube
(realisé par / directed by Sarah Mishara)

From the 2003 album "La vache qui pleure"

(There's a famous brand of cheese: La vache qui rit)

Petite annonce amoureuse
(a little personal love ad)

by Kate & Anna McGarrigle & Philippe Tatartcheff

Je cherche une homme qui a cinq pieds trois

Moi j’suis pas la fille du Roy
Ou bien ça va
Ou ça va pas
S’il vous plaît répondez-moi

Qui annonce reçoit réponse
Qui demande a récompense

Qui annonce reçoit réponse
Qui demande a récompense

Moi je n’ai que cinq pieds deux
Pourtant je ne suis pas boiteux
C’est tu trop
C’est tu trop peu
Répondez pour l’amour de Dieu

J’en ai assez d’être seul chez-moi
Ç a crève le coeur et puis le foie
J’éloigne les chiens
J’effraie les chats
J’fais peur aux petits enfants

Je ne fume que du bon tabac
J’aime les souris, j’hais les rats
À deux ou trois
Ou quatre pattes
Vilains ou bien aristocrates

Cinq deux, cinq trois
OEil de verre, jambe de bois
Et surtout du savoir faire

© 2009 Kate & Anna McGarrigle, All rights reserved.


patfromch said...

That cover is just awful.
The music isn't. Folksy pop, a bit of country, georgeous quebequois accent. Call me an Idiot, somehow this reminds me of the Indigo Girls or Joni Mitchell in their best moments. This Is Montreal, Not Nashville.
Uplifting music for a wonderful hot sunny summer afternoon like today (even though the lyrics are not meant to be uplifting somehow). Vleeptron has broadend my horizon once again ! I for one know who I am going to play this to, wonder if she likes it...

Paul P said...

They are good looking girls :)

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hey hey Paul P --

Now I am certain you are a Carbon-Based Sentient and not Software.

I've heard them at a local club, in person, BSMH (Be Still My Heart). Montreal is about a 5-hour drive north of here, and they said their guitarist always wants to play the Iron Horse because it's next door to a really top-class guitar store, so he blows all his gig money on new guitars.

Wikipedia has a ... uhhh ... Detail about the McGarrigle Sisters, but I'm not repeating it here because I can't personally verify it.

I don't mind buying this album, I'd love to, but what's annoying is that now I want to pay extra for HBO because their French cover of Malvina Reynolds' "Little Boxes" (Petites Boites) introduced an episode of the HBO series "Weeds."

Spinning said...

@ patfromch - the cover was meant to be a joke. the photo on the back of the LP shows them wearing crazy headpieces and making faces. (their performances were also funny... lots of deadpan humor.)

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hiya Spinning, nice blog u got there, i want to listen to a lot of that music ...

Kate died this week. I'll post stuff about that. I feel an incredible sense of loss and sadness.

One of the most beautiful sounds on Earth is stilled and will perform and record no more. I hope Canada does her proper hono(u)r.