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25 July 2009

It's Election Day in Ciudad Vleeptron! and YOU can vote too! How will Measure F do at the polls???

Click, ballot gets bigger.

It's Election Day in Ciudad Vleeptron!

I've used the Zeta Beam to hack into the Ciudad Vleeptron computer voting machines! So anybody who reads VleeptronZ can vote!

Vote by Leaving A Comment!

Vote YES or vote NO

AND ... guess the results of this election! Which side will win? And by how large a margin?

After all the votes are in, VleeptronZ will post the REAL election results!

Here's the ballot Measure F again in Hot Text:

Measure F

Shall Ciudad Vleeptron's business tax, which currently imposes a tax rate of Ϡ1.20 per Ϡ1000 on "cannabis business" gross receipts, be amended to establish a new tax rate of Ϡ18 per Ϡ1000 of gross receipts?

[ ] YES

[ ] NO


mossy said...

If the decimal system works the same way on Vleeptron as it does on Loon Island, then I vote NO!

Ruling Centric of Loon Island

SteveHeath said...

Yes....Yes...and Hopefully By a Whole Bunch

I'm not so much about taxes as I am knowing that the more tax revenue that is created, the more likely it is that Vleeptron PooBahs will not want to see future commercial cannabis activity be illegal and thus "underground".

patfromch said...

No. The text refers to it as being already included in the business tax (VAT, sales tax). The way I read it would mean that the business tax as a whole would be raised, not just the Weed Tax as such. If I am wrong then the text is not clear in this matter.
Seperate the two and you can count me in on the Weed Tax.
(Maybe I am suspicious as being swiss, we have to pass several referendums and motions every year, sometimes direct democracy can be tricky)

SteveHeath said...

You read the actual text before Voting? Some elected official you would make....

Paul P said...


Vleeptron Dude said...

This is VERY COOL! I didn't think anybody would notice this or take the time to vote!

Thanks ALL of you for voting!

Hi mossy! hey hey HeathBar!

PatfromCH, I posted the Measure F ballot question exactly the way they gave it to the voters.

Yes, they could have made it a lot simpler. But they didn't.

Tomorrow I will tell you the AMAZING election results!

Until then -- can anyone predict how this vote will go?

patfromch said...

In that case I apologize.
I got me doubts on that measure. This will only effect people who use medical weed. Unfortunetly I don't know how this works. You go to the doctor, he describes the weed and then what ?
If this measure will force producers in the "marijuhana business" to raise the prices due to the tax increase then this could have a massive effect on patients where medical weed really works. Someone with cancer who needs weed as an appetizer will hardly be in a good financial position, given the health care system in the US, and what the health insurance company will say to price increases of an "experimental drug" remains to be seen. However, I predict that the motion will pass.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Okay before I post a new post about the amazing election results from Ciudad Vleeptron ...

I got to ask PatfromCH: Where does the ballot say anything about MEDICAL marijuana?

Have you been Googling? Have you telephoned Klaas from Rotterdam? That is a direct violation of the Vleeptron Honor Code (even though this is not a PizzaQ).

Interesting that you also mentioned the old USA spelling of "mariHuana" -- even though on the Measure F ballot, they use only they use only the very modern jargon of "cannabis."

mossy must have been an A student in math(s). Indeed, the decimal system works the same way on Vleeptron as it does on Earth.

So you don't need any special knowledge of Vleeptron to see the intent of Measure F -- to increase the tax rate on cannabis sales by a factor of 15.

Everybody on Earth has a few hours left to Vote YES or NO on Measure F, and to predict the outcome.

patfromch said...

Marijuhana was probably a typo.
No, I did NOT google. I live in a direct democracy, a referendum on the raise of the local VST is due this year I think. I can even go to the ballots if the village where I live is about to raise the water tax. Can you do that ? Direct democracy even on the village level is cool, but it can be tricky.
And the fact that medical weed is the subject should be obvious. I mean, the IRS lads are not exactly asking Huggy Bear if he has any receipts left for the deals he made during the last year....

Vleeptron Dude said...

Oh btw I forgot to identify the Vleeptron unit of currency:


(but flipped upside-down as in the ballot at the top). This is the Vleeptron New Sprqqq, which replaced the Old Sprqqq in 704339 (shortly after the end of the 2nd Garlic War).

SteveHeath said...

I left a couple of Comments in your posts about your recently departed, too.

I'm trying to keep Vleeptron more within radar range during my late night hours as a moderator for a sports handicapping web forum

Jim Olson said...

Absolutely. Tax it. The producers, the retail outlets, the users all support the tax. It will be good. Of course, taxing a substance that is still illegal at the federal level makes for all sorts of legal conundrums.

patfromch said...

This could even be the first step of legalizing weed.

Take a look at tobacco. Here in CH a pack of Camels costs around 7-8 USD, 35 % of this sum will directly go to the government to support our national pension fund and the fund for the invalid. Although the swiss government is prohibiting tobacco advertisments in newspapers, magazines and billboards and have also put a ban on smoking in pubs (those *ing b*strds !) every smoker here will agree that this direct tax is a good thing, it supports our pensions.

Once the governing body in charge of this Measure will acknowledge the revenue that this weed tax will bring, they might think about how to get more. Just think of how much you could cash taxwise if weed was treated like tobacco ! If you can't fight it you might as well put taxes on it. Pecunia non olet.

Jim Olson said...

WWVT? What would Vespasian tax?

patfromch said...

Incidently my tax forms arrived yesterday, for both Canton and State. There was some very loud and rude multilingual swearing in the house, I can tell you !
Vespasian indeed inventet tha latrine tax, I just remembered who inventet the first state lottery. Friedrich the Great. Ran out of money after Prussia was attacked by Austria. Politicians can be very inventive when it comes to taxes (or how to declare their expenses, see current affairs in the UK)