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26 April 2010

magma tube connecting Eyjafjallajökull and Katla volcanos / place your bets at Jenny's! / chicken cacciatore for 20 / wishing all a safe Summer

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Can't write much now, must hurry. Tonight's the last of my Quaker team's night to cook and serve at the emergency winter shelter, and it has fallen to moi to make chicken cacciatore for about 20 neighbors. Most nights we cook for the max, about 25 people, but Spring's good weather frees up our guests to travel farther abroad and seek more favorable accomodations.

(But travel where they will, they are not likely to find better chicken cacciatore.)

Vulcanologists familiar with the observed and recorded history of the volcanos southwest of Reykjavik, Iceland, theorize that there is a magma connection deep underground between the notorious Ash Cloud Volcano Eyjafjallajökull, and the nearby Katla, "Iceland's most vicious volcano."

Vulcanologist Páll Einarsson diagrammed the known underground features of the two volcanos down to around 6000 meters, the maximum depth state-of-the-art vulcanology can perceive anything with certainty. But the theorized magma connection between the two volcanos -- which historically "twins" eruptions of both -- is below 6000 meters

The Hoon-Vleeptron-Yobbo Vulcanological Institute @ Hoople ( HVYVI@Hoople ) is still predicting that Katla will pop, even more loudly and more violently than Eyjafjallajökull, so there's still time to place your bets at Kick Em Jenny's Volcano Betting Pokerdrinksalon & Brothel in Winnemucca, Nevada USA.

HVYVI@Hoople has extended Einarsson's diagram to include the Katla-Eyjafjallajökull magma connection tube and eruption trigger. HVYVI@Hoople believes the underground tube is slightly above Hell.


Bahis Siteleri said...

wow it was very interesting.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Selam Bahis Siteleri!

Bob Amca hopes he got this right ... my Finno-Ugrik is not real good.

Ramadan Kareem! Eid Mubarak!

(... do you take bets on EUFA footie games? my wife loves UK and EUFA footie.)

bahis siteleri said...

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