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02 May 2010

Is this is the face that launched a thousand ships / and didn't mind that he couldn't stop smoking?

Vera Baker

Well, okay, if you've been watching golf or the Kentucky Derby on TV this weekend, maybe you missed this and you got no clue who Vera Baker is.

Here is who Vera Baker is. And you heard it first on Agence-Vleeptron Presse (A-VP).

The National Enquirer -- Don't Laugh, they broke the John Edwards Love Child story when the classier realms of the US media wouldn't go near the story -- is claiming they have evidence that, while he was a married U.S. Senator, Barack Obama had an affair with the Democratic candidate fundraiser Vera Baker.

Notice that Wikipedia isn't mentioning the alleged affair, and is even considering deleting the Vera Baker wiki. Right-wing Obama-hating bloggers are swarming all over this (possible) story, praying Vera Baker becomes Obama's Monica Lewinsky.

I read a buzz within the last hour that The National Enquirer is now backpedalling on the Obama-Baker Affair story. The story isn't making them nervous. The lack of hard evidence is makuing them nervous.

If you can help settle this matter, The Enquirer claims someone will pay you $1,000,000 for solid evidence that They Did It.

Truth ain't cheap.

After the Wiki, I've filched the National Enquirer scoopornot.


Vera Baker

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Vera Baker
Born 1974
San Francisco, California USA
Occupation Political fundraiser

Vera Baker is a former political fundraiser. With Muthoni Wambu, she founded Baker Wambu & Associates in 2000. According to The Politico, Baker's organization became a top fundraising firm for the Congressional Black Caucus. [1] Baker was the Finance Director for Barack Obama's 2004 Illinois Senate campaign and was identified by The American Prospect as one of the "rare" African-American major fundraisers.[2] She also served as the Deputy Political Director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. [3]

Baker was born and raised in San Francisco. She received dual Bachelor degrees in political, legal and economic analysis as well as African American studies from Mills College. She also worked toward a Masters of Art in political science from Howard University and a Masters of Art in African American studies.

After leaving political fundraising, Baker worked for Alta Capital Group, a municipal bond broker-dealer. She then launched Cape Caribbean, LLC, with offices in Fort de France, Martinique and Miami, Florida.


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