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12 May 2010

PizzaQ! wtf is this? Each correctly identified red circle wins Topping of your choice! Go crazy! Anchovies!

Click image, maybe gets bigger.

I just liked the way it looked before I put any title or text on it. I'm making it to illustrate a future Vleeptron post about something I thought was fascinating and important.

But What Is It?

It's a Real Thing

Not an Imaginary or Fictitious Thing, like the crap I write and draw about my holiday Planet Vleeptron. 

Everything in this image represents a Real Earth Today Thing.

1 Medium Pizza if you figure out what it is ...

but 1 Topping of Your Choice for Every Correct Identification of Every Red Circle! (So you could win 9 Toppings!)

(Now I've numbered all 9 circles so you can try to identify them.)


patfromch said...

Is this something like Euler's 7 Bridges Problem ? Or graph theory ?
Note: Without Vleeptron I would not even know about that one, even if my hunch is incorrect then you have expanded my horizon.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Good guess! But nope, not Euler or Graph Theory or Konigsberg. Nothing mathematical.

(But it sure does resemble Graph Theory diagrams.)

Okay, a Good Guess deserves a Good Hint:

Green is Land. Blue is Water.

patfromch said...

Aw thanks for that hint. I could not have guessed that wihtout that hint.....

ozzie said...

Could it be my very own hometown of Istanbul (not Constantinople) and the bridges (2 existing and 1 highly debated) over the Bosphorus?

Vleeptron Dude said...

Wow ... I am creating a new award:

Most Excellent
Wrong PizzaQ Guess

You win!

But alas, it's not Istanbul and its Asia-Europe-spanning bridges over the Bosporus.

Okay, here's a very trivial Hint ... most guessers probably assumed it anyway.

HINT 2. The compass directions North South East West are oriented correctly.

And here's a less trivial hint inspired by your Bosporus guess:

HINT 3. If those strings of little blue dots across the water AREN'T bridges ... what are the little blue dots?

patfromch said...

Tnakns for the hints.

Who in their right mind would need 3 ferries instead of bridges so closely together ??
Oh, man I love thes PizzaQs. I can sit for 10 minutes in front of this image, stare and think. I find that relaxing for some reason

ozzie said...

Yay! I'm proud to have failed in spectacular fashion - I at least got an award for it...

I've no idea at this point, I guess I'll have to wait for the relevant post you promised to find out what it is.