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12 April 2010

NostraCHpatus predicts World Cup winner: BRAZIL! Again!

Fred, while I got you on the line ...

In 2006, Vleeptron's Mensch-on-the-ground in Switzerland told me to bet my life savings on Brazil for the World Cup.

That's why I live in a bus station now.

So who's the favorite for this year's World Cup? I need to get out of this bus station.

Monday, 12 April, 2010
Anonymous patfromch said...

You have to put that dagger in my heart for the rest of my life, eh ? Poor Pat is reponsible for Vleeptron's current state, my word indeed. How was I to know that Brazil had the worst team selection for the World Cup ever ?

Too early to make any predictions, but the teams that will certainly make an effort will include Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France and Italy, but you never know, there will be a few surprised along the way...(The swiss will be glad if they pass the first round)

Monday, 12 April, 2010
Blogger Vleeptron Dude said...

I know my USA always fields a team, even though we don't know the proper name of the game ... How are the Yanks doing this year? Any standout players?

So many American kids have been learning and playing this game for the last 15-20 years that our politicians have named a desirable voter bloc: Soccer Moms, suburban mothers who drive their kids to soccer practice in SUVs. They're prosperous, politically active, and can be lured to the voting booth by anyone who promises a happier future and free orthodontia for their precious soccer kids.

Sarah Palin (from Alaska) calls herself a Hockey Mom. At a big Republican national get-together last week, she tied for 3rd place as a possible nominee for president in 2012.

Okay, I will bet my life savings on Brazil again because you told me to. The final games will be in South Africa, right?

Monday, 12 April, 2010

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Objecton M'lud ! The previous statement is suggestive. I did NOT say tha Brazil will win, I just said theat Brazil is a team worth watching, they might be a very strong competitor for the title, but as of yet that is far too early to say or even make predictions. I did not suggest said that you should bet your dough on Brazil, at least not again. We should ask Paul and his betting shop what the current odds are

Yep, this year's World Cup will be hosted in South Africa (which is very convenient for us Europeans, because we are in the same time zone).Some games will even be broadcasten in 3D, I smell bacon and a big fat money trail, not just because of that convenience, those FIFA oepole are quite greedy.

The USA is in group C, together with England, Algeria and Slovenia. The latter 2 shouldn't be a problem, England might be a tough cookie, but you never know in Football....

As for Soccer Moms and bloody Sarah Palin, why can't she just stfu ?