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22 July 2006

Monday Morning Quarterbacking / Why Bob is now bankrupt / NostraCHpatus Predicts World Cup winner

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patfromfootballand said...

10 Things Vleeptron needs to knwo about Football
1) Do not even dare to call this sport Soccer. Only Americans call Football Soccer because
2) We play Football...without a bloody helmet
3) "the ball is round, a game lasts 90 minutes and in the end the Germans win " (attributed to Gary Linecker)
4) Ajax is not relevant in the World Cup. Not a bit.
5) You cn get a sausage (Bratwurst) during halftime.
6) UB is absolutely right about the Offside Rule. Can't explain it but I know it when I see it. Watch "Bend it like Beckham" for a funny explanation.
7) All FIFA apparatschniks are arrogant twirps. the fIFA Presdent (a swiss) is the biggest twirp of them all. Unless he is standing next to Franz Beckenbauer
8) Everybody on this planet knows who David Beckham, Diego Maradona, Pele, Ronaldino or Socrates are. compared to those legends ben roethlisberger is but a fleafart in a hurricne.
9) Football is more than just a sport. It is Religion, social event, entertainment and much more all in one. Never ever forget that.

10)go to reno, vegas, atlantic city or your local bookie and bet your dough on Brazil as the winners of this World Cup. trust me, you will not regret it.


Bob Merkin said...

yes yes i know Ajax has nothing to do with the World Cup. But you know how much I love Amsterdam and how little I know about Footie (I had to call it Soccer for A-VP Sports' American readers), so I have become an Ajax Fan, and have even sworn to go to a game the next time I visit. And I want an Ajax t-shirt. (They were sold out in Curacao.)

If I buy the Ajax t-shirt, will I be safe to wander around other Dutch cities and other European places? Or is it safer to just wear my George Bush t-shirt with the big American flag?

The new Ajax stadium is supposed to be architecturally one of the first Warm, Fuzzy and Safe anti-hooliganism stadiums in Yerp. The stands are filled with huge mirrors, so when you're betronken and start to cause trouble, you look in a mirror and see yourself, and then you are Ashamed, and you schnellst stop making diese Betronkenaffengesselschaft.

Well, that's how it's supposed to work in theory, anyway.

I saw a crowd of about 40 Suisse Footie Fans at the Dover ferry terminal once. They looked Safe, but were dressed as ... uhhhh ... long striped scarves, silly top hats ... I guess the scarves and top hates were the Suisse colors.

The only time I have ever been anywhere where there was a cop with a machine gun on every corner was Amsterdam. Ajax was playing Iuventes, and they didn't know the Final Score yet. They just wanted to be ready in case some fans were Disappointed when they exited the stadium.

Pls tell altakaker editor more about Franz Beckenbauer. This name entirely unknown to moi.

In (8) you mention 6 names. I know 2 of them. 3 if you are talking about the ancient Greek philosopher, but I suspect you aren't.

Bob Merkin said...

oh also pssst you want to bet some Currency on the USA-Ghana game? What odds are they giving in places where Sports Betting is legal? In USA Sports Betting is only legal in Nevada. Also prostitution, Verboten everywhere except Nevada.

Bob Merkin said...

oh also i read Togo was threatening to take their footballs and go back to Togo if FIFA didn't give them more money. How did that work out?

patgotnohat said...

Now you can get your Ajax tee here
Just don't go to Rotterdam wearing that one. if you wear the "Bush Hates Me" tee from you will be safe as rain all over europe.
Franz Beckenbauer is a legend, a Lichtgestalt. won the world cup both as a player and coach, currently ceo of bayern münchen and the main force behind germany's hosting of the world cup (and a bloody money machine). rumours claim that he declined the post of the next fifa prez because he would loose valuable sponsor contracts. but still a legend for what he achieved.
togo has indeed threatened to call it quits. the togo football association has recieved 8m from FIFA (television rights etc) but for some strange reason they failed to pay the players. so the coach quit and the players went on strike untill FIFA apparatschniks negotiated with them. We beat 'em 2:0 eventually and qualified for the next round.

Just go to Nevada, bet your cash on Brazil. And don't ask about those darn bloody swiss hats.

DespicableTeacher said...

Go Go Portugal!!!

Bob Merkin said...

well this truly sucks the hairy wazoo.

okay, when's the next World Cup and where?


Thursday 22 June 2006


Ghana's 2-1 victory over the USA in Nuremberg booked their place in the Round of 16 and left Bruce Arena's men facing an earlier than expected flight home from the FIFA World Cup™ finals.

The Africans took the lead in the 22nd minute when Haminu Draman robbed Claudio Reyna of possession on the edge of the area and cooly slotted the ball past Kasey Keller.

Clint Dempsey's powerful finish two minutes before half-time gave the US hope of winning the match, but they were soon behind again through Stephen Appiah's penalty, scored in the second minute of added time at the end of the first half.

Try as they might after the interval, the US could not find a way past a stubborn Ghana rearguard and leave the tournament after claiming just one point from their three group games. For Ratomir Dujkovic's Black Stars, however, a match with the winners of Group F in Dortmund awaits.

The match:
9': The first attempt at goal came from Ghana, with Michael Essien receiving a square pass in the box and firing wide.

15': It was an extremely physical match in the early stages, with each team picking up a booking in the first 15 minutes.

17': After winning a corner, the first effort on goal by the US was a header straight at the keeper by Clint Dempsey.

22': Five minutes later, Ghana opened the scoring. Draman dispossessed Claudio Reyna on the edge of the box and coolly slotted the ball past goalkeeper Kasey Keller at the far post. Worse yet, it was a double whammy for the Americans as their skipper was injured in the process. Although he soon returned, he was substituted before the end of the half. 1-0

30': Ghana almost added a second on the half-hour mark, Essien threading a ball for Razak Pimpong and the forward shot wide of the right post.

35': The US missed a golden chance to equalise when Brian McBride knocked a ball down for Landon Donovan to shoot from close range, but the LA Galaxy man blazed his shot over the bar.

43': The US levelled matters when DaMarcus Beasley won a ball in midfield and played it across the face of goal and Dempsey slammed it past Kingson. 1-1

45+2': But the Americans went from high to low within a matter of minutes when Oguchi Onyewu was penalised for pushing Pimpong in the area. Appiah was perfect from the penalty spot, giving Ghana the lead as they went into the interval. 2-1

Appiah's appetite for goals
55': A counterattack by Ghana ten minutes into the second half almost extended their lead, with a brilliant one-handed diving save by Keller denying Appiah.

60':The first quarter-hour of the second half was similar to the first 15 minutes of the first half, with a lot of physical play in midfield and few chances for either team.

66': The scoring frustrations of the US team were illustrated when Eddie Lewis did well to make space for a driven cross from the left and McBride's header hit the post.

67': The Americans went close with another header as Onyewu rose high into the air to meet a corner but saw his effort go just over.

80': After the two quick chances, the Americans began to attack with more passion than precision, repeatedly getting caught offside as they desperately tried to beat Ghana's trap.

83': Arena's side showed some life again after the introduction of Bobby Convey, but first Donovan and then Convey failed to deliver good balls with targets waiting inside the box.

90': With the desperation mounting for the US, Ghana almost added another when Alex Mensah-Tachie tried to deflect a driven pass on goal, but it went just wide of the left-hand post.

In conclusion:
As was the case in every game they played at Germany 2006, the US conceded the game's first goal. Although they managed to equalise as they did against Italy, the scoreline did not stay level for long, and they just did not have the firepower to overturn another deficit.

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pat's pub said...

Well sorry mete. At the time I did not know that the Selecao was in such a bad physical shape. Brazil has a long history of good footballers and stunning techniques since the mid 50s. The game aganist Australia made it clear that something was not right in the state of Denmark and the final game against France (remember 1998?) was horrible. The team was exhausted, not up to their usual standards. Ronaldino was out of breath more than once and there is a particilar scene where roberto Carlos (an old man in terms of football language) stopped for a gasp of air. thierry henri was only able to shoot this goal because six brazilian players were standing on the 16 m line not knowing what to do (its on youtube somewhere) Coach Roberto Carlos Pereira later whined in a press conference after the game that he had told the team that this game would be difficult, but the boys did not listen to him. There has been a lot of criticism going on in Brazil after that game
(it is worth noting that the brazilian press was quite arrogant during the World Cup. When Pele said that there might be a possibility that Brazil would not win the Cup he was almost treated as a traitor and this guy is a Living Legend and Halbgott in Brazil). As a conwequence, Pereira quit his job and is roumored to go to South Africa.
Sorry again, but thats Football. You cant be right all the time. That would take the mistery out of life

Bob Merkin said...

can you send e-mail to SWMBO and explain why i bet our life savings on Brazil?