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27 July 2006

assorted platonic objects

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They don't exist in our universe and spacetime.

We can't have contact with them with our senses. We can only make contact with them through our intellect.

They exist unchanged in a Locus which is eternal. Their existence is independent of the existence of human beings. If we never existed, they would always have existed, and always will exist.

Each image had never been seen by humans until a human specified equations and data points for a computer to draw it. But the platonic object the image represents had always existed. So a human cannot invent a platonic object; a human can only be the first to discover it.

They are Perfect (like perfect circles, perfectly straight lines, dimensionless points, etc.); nothing in our Universe of matter and energy is perfect or immune from decay, entropy, disorder or corruption.

The Pythagoreans (e-mail Vleeptron for a Membership Application) believe that Number is the Ultimate Reality. The stuff we bumble around in, and in which we are currently having a senseless ultraviolent war with yet no end in sight, is just a pale distortion of the ultimate numerical reality. The more we think our Reality is the Ultimate Reality, the more we need new eyeglasses or a hearing aid. Of course this isn't Reality. Who in his right mind would design such a place, inhabit it with sentient creatures, and then subject them to all this crap?

In the Platonic Locus, we can experience a seemingly infinite volume of Absolute Objective Non-Personal Truth. Where do you get much of that around here?

I filched all of these, Leave A Comment if you want to know where from.


Abbas Halai said...

did you know that the plural of locus, is loci.

heh, anyway, you might wanna watch darren arranofsky's masterpiece, π.

Bob Merkin said...

Yes yes. The reason I don't understand anything the Urdu ppl on Undernet #pakistan are talking about, ditto the French-speakers, German-speaker, Japanese-speakers, Arabic-speakers, Slavic-speakers and Pashto speakers is that I wasted my language class years learning a language all of whose speakers died around 750 AD.

Except the Pope, he speaks my language, we chat on the phone once or twice a week.

Yeah, I saw π. I thought it sucked mathematically, and thought it sucked cinematically. I particularly enjoyed the parts where he drilled holes in his head.

His subsequent movies seem to be continuing his commitment to depicting a world of personal misery, unhappiness and hopelessness. If you can recall a single humorous or funny moment or joke in his ouevre, let me know.

π was one of the very few movies where I was tempted to find the manager of the theater and ask for my money back. "Pelle the Conqueror" and "Cujo" are two others I can recall.

Life is often very miserable and unhappy and tragic. But life is also pretty funny sometimes, whether you want it to be or not. A filmmaker whose focus (plural foci) is so entirely on the horrible aspects of life -- there's something wrong with that boy, he needs counciling.

And like I said, the math sucked, too. Lemme see if I can scare up "The Mountains of pi" about the nutty Chudnovsky Brothers, who built their own homebrew supercomputer in their NYC slum apartment (down the block from the murdered corpse on the sidewalk) and broke the world's record for the decimal expansion of π a couple of times, using hardware-store fans (they bought them in the winter when they're cheap) to cool their supercomputer.

Abbas Halai said...

haha nice. im going to karachi tomorrow. catch up with you soon enough.

pharmacy said...

I like how it all resembles fractals, nature, life and the universe is all about fractals, once that we understand this concept, we can understand the laws of all.