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29 July 2006

the Japanese pie chart -- NOW SOLVED!

I just got this in a spam e-mail today. If anybody can tell me what 49, 21, 16 and 14 percent of something or other represent, I'd really appreciate it. 6 percent of me thinks it could be important.


* Now talking in #tokyochat
{Droog4} konichi-wa
{Droog4} also hi
{Droog4} also salaam shalom howdy aloha buna privet salut bonjour
{JellyFish} pooper
{pooper} bellyfish
{JellyFish} hahha
{pooper} jellybelly
{JellyFish} i am going to sleep
{pooper} ok
{JellyFish} pooper cooper
{Droog4} goodnite jellyfish
{pooper} nite nite
{JellyFish} nite pooper, nite Droog4, nite Eijii, nite yavie-f, nite all ~~~~~~~
{yavie-f} night
{JellyFish} oyasuminasai
* yavie-f huggles JellyFish
{pooper} oyasumi
* JellyFish has quit IRC (Quit: Gone Fishing @}+++++{)
{Droog4} okay who can help me please with a little Japanese translation problem?
{Droog4} don't make me sing karaoke thru your computer speakers
{Droog4} i know every one of ABBA's Greatest Hits
* Droog4 installs new karaok-e software
* Droog4 plugs in microphone
{Droog4} for my first song thru your speakers i will sing "Dancing Queen"
{yavie-f} Droog4 try #learnjapanese
{Droog4} hi yavie!
{Eijii} pooper is the only one here who sings karaoke daily
{Droog4} hi Eijii!
{Droog4} no this is a tiny little problem
{Eijii} Hi Droog4!!
{Droog4} i got this e-mail spam today
{Droog4} it has a pie chart in Japanese
{yavie-f} ok
{yavie-f} explain i
{Droog4} what is it???
{Eijii} is that ur blog?
{Droog4} that is my wonderful brilliant highly entertaining blog, yes
{Eijii} ok
{Eijii} are you just trying to make us read it :P
{Eijii} u sneaky blogger
{Eijii} looks like a chart of employment
{Droog4} oh, after translating the mysterious pie chart, please feel free to spend the rest of your lives reading my wonderful blog, that would do me a great honor and pleasure
{Droog4} i think morigen a long time ago helped me with a Japanese problem for my blog
{Eijii} furiitaa is someone who only works part time
{Eijii} OL is an office lady
{Droog4} which percentage is furiitaa?
{Eijii} 14%
{Eijii} Im a furiitaa :P
* Droog4 DCCs pizza with double anchovies to Eijii
{Eijii} 21% is gakusei
{Eijii} or student
{Eijii} I dont really know what the rest is
{Droog4} that's a huge amount more than I knew before i asked
* Droog4 knowledge of pie chart = 0 percent
{Eijii} funny someone would spam you that though :p
{Eijii} maybe it's a political message
{Droog4} yes, but i get all sorts of inexplicable spam from Asia
{Droog4} i spent my school language years learning a language all of whose speakers died in 750 AD
{Droog4} except the Pope, he and I chat on the phone once or twice a week
{Eijii} Im taking latin next year
{Droog4} Eijii i hope you like it, it really is a very nifty tool for travelling all over Europe and South America
{Droog4} you will not get lost or wind up in jail
{Eijii} I don't have a habit of :P
{Droog4} but be careful of Bulgaria, when they shake their head from side to side, that means YES and when they shake their head up and down, that means NO
{Droog4} you could end up married
* TheWrongGuy has joined #tokyochat
{Eijii} :|
* yavie-f sets mode: +v TheWrongGuy
* yavie-f sets mode: +v Droog4
{Droog4} there's a really cool filthy novel your Latin teacher won't give you: Satyricon by Petronius. It's sort of like Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" but from 100 AD
{Eijii} oh
{Droog4} ty yavie-f
{yavie-f} yw
{Droog4} Eijii i will memorialize you on my blog when i explain the pie chart
{Eijii} I think we'll get Commentarii de bello gallico
{Droog4} yes, they always start with Caesar
{Droog4} and i think I know why
{Droog4} he wrote his Latin in a very simplified way
{Droog4} he only uses the present tense
{Eijii} yah
{Droog4} I think he knew this was a shortcut to becoming popular forever
{Droog4} Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres
{Droog4} he himself admired Cicero even though he had Cicero executed
* Droog4 falls asleep from boredom listening to his own Latin lesson
{Eijii} the last is married women
{Droog4} oh, the Satyricon -- you can Rent The Video -- Fellini made it into a really great movie!
{Droog4} ah thank you
{Eijii} I have seen some fellini movies
{Droog4} just last week for the first time I saw (very young) Donald Sutherland in Fellini's "Cassanova," it was totally wild and beautiful
{Eijii} I read an article on him a few days ago at work, forgot the occasion
{Droog4} Fellini or Sutherland?
{Eijii} sutherland
* Droog4 whores his blog further: Older posts are
{Droog4} I think he's my all-time favorite actor
{Droog4} his first Hollywood screen test, they told him he was ugly and weird-looking and had no future in movies
{Droog4} okay i am very grateful for letting me bother you nice folks, and thanks so much for the translation!
{Eijii} welcome
{Eijii} Im not sure what the last part means though :p
{Droog4} don't forget to Leave COmments if you waste portions of your lives reading vleeptron
{Droog4} maybe it's "people who do no work whatsoever but live like parasites off their parents"
{Eijii} yah :p
{Droog4} if you figure it out, leave a Comment
{Eijii} yah sure
* Droog4 dccs sashimi to everyone on chann
* Droog4 dccs Kraft Vegemite to those who are in Australia
{Droog4} (nasty stuph)
{Droog4} wait a sec, i will see if I can find the first time somebody on #tokyochat helped my pathetic ignorant blog
{Eijii} lol
{Droog4} I found it! I think morigen sent me the ideograms for Hiroshima and Nagasaki
{Droog4} if those ideograms really mean "shoelaces" and "halvah," don't tell me
* Droog4 vanishes now in gratitude
* Disconnected

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