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16 July 2006

chatting with my neighbors, my sisters, my brothers, my friends

the favorite musical group of an Internet Chatter name |SRAEL. He doesn't like it when I sing ABBA's Greatest Hits.

Bombs are falling, war in the Middle East gets worse and worse.

At 15:30 GMT -- I guess around 18:30 in Israel and Lebanon -- worried, frightened people do what they always do in modern moments of war: They crank up their computers, crank up Khaled Mardam-Bey's wonderful mIRC client for Internet Relay Chat, and they chat to each other.

OKAY THAT'S IT!!! How the hell do you Nominate somebody for the Nobel Peace Prize??? NGO_Vleeptron is SERIOUS about this! Write the Nobel ppl in Stockholm or wherever the heck they are and nominate KHALED MARDAM-BEY for the Nobel Peace Prize! You think I'm kidding? I am NOT KIDDING!!! From the mIRC site:

IRC gained international fame during the Gulf War in 1991, where updates from around the world came accross the wire, and most irc users who were online at the time gathered on a single channel to hear these reports. IRC had similar uses during the coup against Boris Yeltsin in September 1993, where IRC users from Moscow were giving live reports about the unstable situation there.

Some curse each other in various lingos, some threaten each other -- but mostly they wish each other safety and peace.

On Internet Relay Chat, we can see and feel and understand our kinship, our shared humanity. While television and newspapers paint people from the other side of the world as Monsters, Fanatics, Psychopaths, Subhumans, on IRC we are sisters, brothers, neighbors, cousins. We tell each other jokes, send each other pictures and music, when someone is sick we hold their hand, when someone has a baby we say Congratulations!

And when two people on Undernet fall in love and then get married IRL (in Real Life) -- we go apeshit, we rob gas stations to buy airplane tickets to the wedding so we can finally share the same SpaceTime with our friends!

Unlike RealityLand, on IRC if some foole keeps spewing hatred, you just type:

/ignore HateSchmuck

and you never see his nasty words again.

I usually type:

{Droog4} HateSchmuck, you have to take the medication every day! You cannot skip a day! It says so on the label!

One of my regular Undernet channel for this part of the world is #israel , usually a lovely Oasis where people from all over the world -- Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, maybe the odd Swedenborgian -- Filipinos, Romanians, Egyptians, Russians, Israelis, Jordanians, Pakistanis, [East] Indians -- tie up their camels and chat, but the @ops turned it into "invite only" today. Too many people coming on and screaming hatred, I guess. So I checked out another channel ...


* Now talking in #israel-politics
* Topic is '¦|¦|¦|¦|¦|¦|¦|¦| Welcome aLL Here ...Waste Your Time & Have Fun |¦|¦|¦|¦|¦|¦|¦'
* Set by D^a^N^e^Y on Sun Jul 16 08:53:47
* M-O-S-S-A-D sets mode: +v KLisnmene
* X sets mode: +l 35
* KLisnmene is now known as misslove
{Droog4} shalom salaam hola ola buna privet salut bonjour konichi-wa paix paz peace howdy werd sup
* KLisnmene has joined #israel-politics
* X sets mode: +b *!*
* KLisnmene was kicked by X ((BlackRebel) [MassJoin DeTecTeD] BlaCk_ReBel)
{Droog4} somebody chat or i will sing Eurovision pop songs through your computer speakers
{M-I-R-C} Laughs Out Loud
* X sets mode: -b *!*
* KLisnmene has joined #israel-politics
* KLisnmene is now known as ouwet
{Droog4} for my first song, I will sing "Dancing Queen" by my favorite group ABBA
* lamise is now known as KLisnmene
* M-O-S-S-A-D sets mode: +v Droog4
{Droog4} thank u MOSSAD
{Droog4} now i can sing loudly thru everyone's speakers
* KLisnmene is now known as lamise
{|SRAEL} Droog4 noooooooooooooooooooo :P:P:P:P
* a7la_bannout yala gtg tsaw alllllllllllllll yala bsoufkon ba3den
* Droog4 sings: She is a Dancing Queen! / Only seventeen! / Hear her laugh! See her dance! / Having the time of her life! / Watch that girl! She is a Dancing Queen!
{Droog4} you love ABBA too, |SRAEL???
{Droog4} i know all ABBA songs!
{|SRAEL} Droog4 nooooooooooooo I LOVE MANOWAR
{Droog4} i am afraid i am not familiar with the fine songs of MANOWAR
{Droog4} why do i get a vision of a lot of tattoos?
{Droog4} for my next song, I will sing the 2006 Eurovision song by Fabrizzio, the Love Lox of Malta!
{Droog4} he's HOT!
* a7la_bannout is away ({Just Belive In Love})
{Droog4} hmmm i just found the Manowar website ... the lead
singer is holding 2 severed heads by their hair
{Droog4} okay here is the Malta song by Fabrizzio: I love you You love me We love us Love Love Love let's walk down the beach hand-in-hand under the moonlight for 27 kilometers love love love
{Droog4} i just can't understand why those metal psychos from Helsinki won, and not Fabrizzio the Love Lox
{KLINSMEN} Droog4 yow man
{KLINSMEN} wassup
{KLINSMEN} where are u from
{Droog4} hiya Kinsmen
* Droog4 is about 2.5 hours drive west of Boston USA
{Droog4} where u from Klinsmen?
{KLINSMEN} lebanon and u
{Alicia_Dawn} you llive in lebanon?
{Alicia_Dawn} where the war is?

* M-I-R-C is now known as A^L^A^R^M
{Droog4} Klinsmen ... my deepest wish is that all this violence and war ends immediatement
{Droog4} and that you and your family and friends are safe
{KLINSMEN} Alicia_Dawn im not in muslem town in lebanon
{KLINSMEN} yeh we have a war in westleb not all leb
{KLINSMEN} just in west
{A^L^A^R^M} ×X× O
* X sets mode: +o A^L^A^R^M
{KLINSMEN} with hezboulah
* BlueLibra is back from his tomb ..... Back from death for a while ( BlueLibra's Calibrated Script )
{A^L^A^R^M} Go Go Nasrollah
* X sets mode: +b *!*
* A^L^A^R^M was kicked by X ((sicopole) fuck off)
* X sets mode: -b *!*
* X sets mode: +b *!*@sicopole*
* KLINSMEN was kicked by X ((C5ervice) [Kick\Ban Revenge] ¤Jounieh §ç®îpt¤)
* A^L^A^R^M has joined #israel-politics
* X sets mode: -b *!*@sicopole*
{A^L^A^R^M} ka bro
* KLINSMEN has joined #israel-politics
* X sets mode: +o KLINSMEN
{A^L^A^R^M} w zik
{A^L^A^R^M} Laughs Out Loud
{A^L^A^R^M} `x` o
* X sets mode: +o A^L^A^R^M
{KLINSMEN} rabo mala script ma3o
* DyingBriDe !ping
{A^L^A^R^M} :D
{A^L^A^R^M} hahaha
{A^L^A^R^M} Go Go Nasrollah
{A^L^A^R^M} :P
{KLINSMEN} bes ya air
{M-O-S-S-A-D} ««« KLINSMEN No Swearing »»»
{A^L^A^R^M} HaHaHa
{A^L^A^R^M} ~~ sus sicopole 10
{A^L^A^R^M} Laughs Out Loud
{M-O-S-S-A-D} hehehehhe
{A^L^A^R^M} nyhahahahahahahhaa
{A^L^A^R^M} mihmihmihmih
* DyingBriDe so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag :(
* M-O-S-S-A-D [DyingBriDe PING reply]: 130.875 secs
{M-O-S-S-A-D} ydoum rabbak
{|SRAEL} heheeeeeeeeeeeeeee
{A^L^A^R^M} jeyin jeyin
{KLINSMEN} aa ouwet
{A^L^A^R^M} ila 7ayfa wa ma ba3da ba3da 7ayfa in cha2a alah
{A^L^A^R^M} aa ? ee
{M-O-S-S-A-D} w ssssssssss
* M-O-S-S-A-D bye aLLLLLLLLLLllll
* M-O-S-S-A-D c y Laterrrrrrrrrrrrr
{KLINSMEN} bye man
* M-O-S-S-A-D is away ((/_\)† BACHIR † H A Y † F I N A ,)
* M-O-S-S-A-D is now known as D^a^N^e^Y
* A^L^A^R^M khrojou mina lmou3adalat el khati2a istaykizo min alsoubat el 3amik ikhla3o 3ankom al koufiya al falastinia
* hope1 has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)

KLINSMEN private chats me

{KLINSMEN} man im christ
{KLINSMEN} and the war in lebanon just in one town
{KLINSMEN} in westleb
{KLINSMEN} hezboulah
{Droog4} i wish the Muslims safety and an end to the war also ... we all worship the same God ... so we are all brothers and sisters
{Droog4} also i just hate war
{KLINSMEN} me2 man
{KLINSMEN} so where are u from
{Droog4} you know USA city of Boston? (lots of Lebanese ppl there)
{Droog4} (good restaurants and music clubs)
{KLINSMEN} im going there before
{Droog4} well hire a car, drive west 2.5 hours, i live in mountains
{KLINSMEN} ur lebanese
{Droog4} no, I am an American Jew and old peacenik hippie
{KLINSMEN} nice one man
{Droog4} i was a US Army soldiuer during Vietnam War
{KLINSMEN} yow yow
{KLINSMEN} ah i understand know why u hate war
{KLINSMEN} u know we have 65% in lebanon christ like usa
{KLINSMEN} a big contry
{Droog4} yes ... are you Maronite?
{KLINSMEN} yeah man
{Droog4} hey! i guessed good!
{Droog4} DCC me some Bekaa Valley hashish!
{KLINSMEN} i want to go to usa
{KLINSMEN} like dorg
{Droog4} well i hope you enjoy your visit ... and i hope you don't get tired of telling Americans "I am Christian! I am Christian!"
{KLINSMEN} no man
{KLINSMEN} what the shit
{KLINSMEN} i said for u im christ
{Droog4} this is not a Good Time in USA for Muslims
{KLINSMEN} in usa
{KLINSMEN} to much muslims ?
{Droog4} all Muslims ... our President Bush, he is not very well educated, so he makes votes by scaring everybody about Muslims
{Droog4} pardonez, mon francais sux really bad
{Droog4} ton English, tres bon!
{KLINSMEN} ah ok
{Droog4} hey, on this terrible day -- are there still people going to the beautiful Beirut plage?
{KLINSMEN} man in westleb no we have a war
{KLINSMEN} but anthor town yeah
{KLINSMEN} only in muslims towns u can't do
{Droog4} ah good, well, war should not spoil a beautiful day at Mediterranean beach
{Droog4} tu es un etudiant en uni?
{KLINSMEN} j'ai feni mon uni
{Droog4} ah moi aussi -- hehehe en 1969
{Droog4} what did you study?
{KLINSMEN} hotel managment bro
{KLINSMEN} adn im manager now
{KLINSMEN} in hotel
{Droog4} ah okay, in USA university the department is sometimes called "Hospitality" maintenant
{KLINSMEN} the same man
{Droog4} what hotel, should I stay there?
{KLINSMEN} and here
{KLINSMEN} Hospitality
{KLINSMEN} the same
{Droog4} okay okay i write that down, i love to travel, always want to see Beirut
{KLINSMEN} its a big city so beauty
{KLINSMEN} u can make every thing
{Droog4} all i understand, even with all Lebanon's troubles, Beirut is one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world
{KLINSMEN} party in down town centre ville
{KLINSMEN} and what u want to do u do
{Droog4} hey what is your favorite restaurant in centre ville?
{KLINSMEN} nut restaurant
{KLINSMEN} u can go to night club
{Droog4} ah, okay
{KLINSMEN} in mono
{Droog4} dacors
* Droog4 puts on his Saturday Nite Fever blanc Disko Soot
{KLINSMEN} and every lebenon full of party
* Droog4 will take a trip to Bekaa Valley
{Droog4} also i want to see the Cedar Forest
{KLINSMEN} and u must to come to byblos and jounieh .kaslik . batroun
* Droog4 writes this all down
{KLINSMEN} an man
{KLINSMEN} {Droog4} also i want to see the Cedar Forest { u must to go to arez
{KLINSMEN} in leb
{Droog4} okay! dacors!
{Droog4} but first i throw my backpack in Hotel Royal
{KLINSMEN} but man its 5 stras for one night 500$
{Droog4} hehehehehe
{Droog4} when i travel
{Droog4} i do not learn what exchange rate is
{KLINSMEN} go to 4SeanosHotel
{Droog4} so I spend like drunk sailor
{Droog4} and only find out how much i spent when i get the credit card bill at home
{Droog4} so I smile when i travel, and I wait to cry back home
{Droog4} hey ma Femme is screaming at me to Do Things, I must go
{Droog4} I wish you and tlm salut et paix
{Droog4} enjoy, leave a Comment
{Droog4} paix, a demain!

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