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08 July 2006

Vleeptron is now Vleeptron_Z. Istanbul is Constantinople no you can't go back to Constantinople

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it's been maybe 5 days and I haven't been able to access my blog Vleeptron to post or edit. it still exists in the blogosphere for strangers in Cafe Internet Sofia to read and leave comments, but for me to keep Vleeptroning, I'm temporarily creating this sucker, Vleeptron_Z.

blogspot doesn't have any Customer Support which uses Human Beings to help me through this catastrophe. They use Robots. The Robots send me paragraphs of FAQs and suggest that if I will simply reconfigure my frammistan and change the slooble from virtual to cryptoreal by yadda yadda yadda the problem will be fixed. Essentially they want me to take a one-semester community college course in Windows and Blog Science. Or hire a Webmaster at $38k p.a.

Well, let's pick it up where we left off. This is sort of a Test to see if this sucker works. I've got all the Peanut Butter Worshippers in Ciudad Vleeptron praying for me.

Here's the US Department of Homeland Security's Terrorism Advisory System, updated, from its founding a few months after 9/11 to now. Beeeeeeeep Boop! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Boooop! Are you scared? I'm scared.

New York City is officially always scared. They thwart terrorists by sending a caravan of 70 NYPD squad cars screaming randomly through the streets at high speed to random destinations, to reassure the citizenry and show the flag. I'm sure that works great. Osama bin Laden is absolutely peeing in his briefs. He's cancelled his vacation plans, he wanted to see Oprah's Broadway production of The Color Purple.

Boo! Leave A Comment! Let me know you've found Vleeptron_Z at Cafe Internet Sofia. Hi everybody!

I'd written this before I lost my blog:

booooooooop-beeeep-booop-beep flee for your livezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh yeah this gets much more thrilling when you click.

HERE is the last (and first, for that matter) time Vleeptron checked in with the USA Department of Homeland Security's Terrorism Advistory System. Vleeptron celebrates the Fourth Of July (in Canada: The Rebel Picnic) and the successful re-launch of the Space Shuttle (proof that Prayer works!) by updating the TAS to let you know what freaky stuph them Evil Terrorists been up to lately so you should crap your drawers and vote Republican at every opportunity.

We filched Osama's image from the Illinois Family Institute. Don't Go There. Those people are truly Sick Fucks for Jesus, but they had the best scary foto of Osama to weave into my Terrorism Update. Thanks!

If American citizens had anything remaining which you could call Real Freedom -- rather than Faux Shopping Mall Freedom (the Freedom to buy different kinds of all-identical new cars, the Freedom to choose from different credit cards issued by different financial institutions, etc.) -- I might have a bigger stiffy about the Fourth of July, but after six years of Bush Fils, all our Freedom now comes in a brightly colored Family-Size plastic squeeze bottle, and was manufactured in the Peoples Republic of China, probably by prison labor. If they ever get out of prison and wander down to Tiananmen Square again, I suspect they won't use a papier mache mockup of our (actually France's) Statue of Liberty as their symbol to demand Freedom and Fundamental Human Rights and Dignity.

Maybe later I will use my old Heathkit Solid-State Past Lives Channeler (PLC-410) to check in with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and see what they have to say about the State Of The Union 4 July 2006. Tom and Ben and their pals spent about nine years hiding in basements because Great Britain labelled them all Terrorists, Traitors and Gangsters, and would have hanged and shot them if they'd caught them. (They did catch and hang a few signers of the Declaration of Independence.)

In 1787, outside the secret Constitutional Convention, one of Franklin's Philadelphia neighbors asked: "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?"

Franklin replied: "A republic, if you can keep it."

Well, Prayer worked for the Shuttle launch. Maybe it will work to get us some of our Freedom back.

But don't blame Bush Fils or Clinton or Bush Pere or Reagan. Franklin and Jefferson and their colleagues, and all the American soldiers and sailors and Marines who served under George Washington to defeat the British (with the invaluable help of King Louis XVI of France) gave all of us a democratic republic. It is entirely our fault that we fell asleep at the wheel and let Scoundrels steal it and flush it all down the toilet.

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