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02 July 2010

Postalo Vleeptron / First Day Issue: Commemorative 3-sheet, "Vile Torments of Northern Canada" / and that's why I like Pierre Trudeau: Good God Almighty He Is The Poor Man's Friend!

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Postalo Vleeptron / First Day Issue: Commemorative 3-sheet, "Vile Torments of Northern Canada"

Click HERE to see & hear the National Film Board's Academy-Award-nominated animation of the song "Black Fly" by Wade Hemsworth (1916 – 2002), featuring and arranged by the McGarrigle Sisters.

Click HERE to see & hear the NFB/ONF's animation of Wade Hemsworth's song "Log Driver's Waltz," sung by Kate and Anna McGarrigle.

(Watch both animated films in FULLSCREEN mode.)

(Do Not Watch THIS VERSION.)

Jeez I love Canada. Once a long time ago I stood at the Detroit end of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel wondering if I should drive through it to Canada and never come back to the USA.

Ah shit, I turned around and drove home to the Selective Service Board and served 2 (the minimum) honorable (!!!) years in the U.S. Army, with MEDALS!!! (For superfast, accurate typing, usually in air-conditioned offices.)

God Bless Pierre Elliott Trudeau ...

Good God Almighty, 
he is the Poor Man's Friend!

.....-- "Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt," 
.....traditional USA song, new lyrics by 
.....Jesse Winchester, the Canadian 
.....folksinger with the Mississippi accent

So now this decorated wartime veteran (they almost sent me, but screwed up my orders) can visit my wonderful lovely friendly exciting delicious Canada AND come home to the USA whenever I like, without being thrown into federal prison. And I like often!

I have been nastily horribly bitten by all of the Blood-Sucking Insect Creatures depicted in the Postalo Vleeptron 3-sheet.

The North Woods are filled with tales of moose and caribou driven to suicidal madness by relentless swarms of mosquitos, and human beings nearly sucked to death (exsanguinated) in peak pest season.

The buzz is that Real Woods Guys, fishermen, hunters, loggers, microwave tower guys who spend weeks in the Deep Woods, slather themselves all over with Avon Skin-So-Soft goop for Milady, it's claimed (but not by Avon) to be the world's most effective insect repellent.

And makes your skin so soft, too! It's All Good!

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