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23 July 2010

Tierra de los Sueños / TdSPosta / Pesadilla / Beso de Conejo / you can't get there from here / Ramanujan and RamanuJohn / Namagiri / the Halvah Pyramid / Traveling Santa Problem

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Rare souvenir chromograph postcard from Tierra de los Sueños / TdSPosta.

The interest and flattery about the chain mail perforations and bikinis, the pizza, the Lewis/Uig chess pieces stamps, and Tierra de los Sueños/TdSPosta have cheered me through The Week From Heck, for which the people of Tierra de los Sueños express their sincere thanks.

Nothing was health-threatening, nor flood nor volcano nor fire nor earthquake. We just concluded a Real Long Wild Thrill Ride on the Current North American Economy, resorting at times to Magical Rituals, which seem to have worked. (pvt me about the secret commercial and financial powers of Saint Joseph, but this Saint delivers the goods.)

I foresee that shortly, perhaps within hours, someone will ask me to take the chain mail bikinis off-List, so those who wish to read more about Tierra de los Sueños, its rich history, the difficulties of sending and receiving mail between TdS and our Waking State (which makes TdS stamps rare and pricey, not to mention the rare hand-tinted chromograph Souvenir Postcard, one was successfully received which depicts the statue of the bunny kissing Hidalgo del Saperstein in Plaza Centro, Pesadilla), are invited here, but if nothing's there, or you get

Error 307
Answer Hazy,
Try Again Later

give me a few hours. Things is still Heck On Wheels around here.

~ ~ ~

Elmer Elevator is listening to

"The Duel with the Skeleton"

from a new recording of Bernard Herrmann's score for "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad," John Debney conducting the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Varese Sarabande Film Classics VSD 5961. And you should, too.

* * *

The great postal scholar Merisse Tain first reported the existence of Tierra de los Sueños in an illustrated speech at the World Postal League 1955 convention. She  was able to convert recurring dreams into 3 verified stamps issued by TdSPosta.

Since then, researchers expanding Tain's techniques have received 2 chromograph souvenir postcards, and 20 TdSPosta stamps -- each one of a dream, one of my dreams, one of your dreams, a famous dream, a classic dream, a dream from childhood, or a dream of how things might or could be in the Future.

(As mysteriously as it appeared, "Naked At My High School Prom" has disappeared again; TdSPosta stamps exist clearly in our Waking State briefly and intermittently. Collectors who have paid a lot of money for them are suddenly shit out of luck, usually forever, however hard they try to remember the stamp again.)

A recent TdSPosta stamp of Dreams of the Future is here.

The central barrier to the reliable transmission and reception of TdSPosta materials is the VZ or Zona de Vigilia (Awakening Zone).

It is in the VZ, in the first few moments of awakening, where almost all the details of dreams are lost. Often we sit on the side of the bed knowing a dream was all-involving, compelling, unique, deeply disturbing, or a certain promise that our lives would change fundamentally -- but all else is lost, all else has been yanked back across the VZ to Tierra de los Sueños, and will probably never be dreamt again.

~ ~ ~

Hardy asked Ramanujan how he came upon his astonishing equations in Number Theory, and Ramanujan explained that he dreamed them, the equations were revealed to him in dreams by the Goddess Namagiri, and on awakening he would scribble down as much as he could remember.

Namagiri had appeared to Ramanujan's mother in a dream, and told her to give her son permission to leave India and travel to England, where the world would recognize him as the greatest mathematician of the age. And this happened.

Ramanujan's dreamt equations are even less controversial: Though Ramanujan himself cared nothing for Mathematical Proof, they have all -- or almost all -- been subsequently Proven. (The ones not yet proven still seem to work perfectly.)

This erroneously suggests Ramanujan didn't have to do any hard work; on this side of the VZ he worked ceaselessly and ferociously, his life a white-hot flame that burned out in 1920 at age 33, after one last ocean voyage home to India.

Unexpected treasures from the depths of mathematics continue to leap from modern examination of his tattered notebooks, which can be seen at the Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics of the University of Madras.

NOTE: Ramanujan is not to be confused with the Occidental Mystic Mathematician RamanuJohn, the only sentient on the Internet to successfully solve the 7-Node Traveling Santa Problem (TSP).

~ ~ ~

In the half-century since Tain's first TdSPosta stamps, a faint but tantalizingly curious picture has slowly emerged about Tierra de los Sueños. (Gringos and Yanquis who have sent and received its mail -- English-speaking Dream Rememberers -- call it Dreamland.)

Its landlocked capital is Pesadilla (Nightmare), its architecture in the grand Spanish colonial style. In the mid-19th century Dutch Engineer-Dreamers (using opium to enhance journeying between the Waking State and TdS, a practice banned in 1914) built the railroad between Pesadilla and the port of Beso de Conejo (Bunnykiss); the steam railroad still runs daily in both directions.

Beso de Conejo -- today TdS' famed beach resort -- was named for the moment the conquistador Hidalgo de Saperstein first set foot on the beach, and as he knelt to claim the land for his sovereign, a bunny ran from the underbrush and kissed him on the nose. A statue depicting this historic event is located in Plaza Centro in Pesadilla.

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