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23 September 2010

BULLETIN from Agence-Vleeptron Presse Mensch-on-the-Ground in Western Europe / French Unions declare General Strike over raising retirement age

HI Bob
I am writing this extra big to protect your sight. So you can't say you didn't read the small print ...
Worker's Unions in France have declared a 24h general strike  today (I think it's the second one) to protest the raise of the pension age. The current administration wants a change in these laws raising the pension age from 60 to 62.
According to a swiss TV correspondent the demonstrations have lost some swing. Most people have grudingly accepted the fact that this government will not listen to The Power Of The Street. The new law must still  pass the french senate, some Senators claim that the rise is inevitable, but they would fight for certain groups like construction workers to negotiate exeptions to the rule  This report was also the last news item before they moved over to sports news. Usually reports from neighbouring countries are headline news
But it is still good to see people out there in the streets, givin' it a go sayin' F U to The Man !

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Ryszard Wasilewski said...

The French are fried if they abandon their most cherished traditions, like massacring each other in the streets. It must be heartening for them to see how quickly their new immigrants have learned to turn cars upside-down and even light them, for added effect.
But 60 is a ripe old age, don't you think? And now 62! I vaguely recall, back when I was 60, a strong urge to retire from something. I come from a society where retirement, following a brief period of unemployment after graduation, is a defining coming of age and right (not privilege, like a drivers license) of all citizens.
Now, if I could only brush away the muffling effects of dementia (I grow my own) to remember what it was that preoccupied me so over the last few decades I would at once stop doing that, become retired, and do something completely different.