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01 March 2011

Brecht & Weill's children's opera "Der Jasager" / "The Yes Sayer" to be performed in May in Bergen, Norway

Der Jasager

Second House

Premiere May 26. 2011 at 18.00
Performances: May 27. and 28.

This spring the Children’s choir at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet and the Children’s choir at Den Nye Opera in Bergen are cooperating on their first double production

They will each stage a performance for youths between the ages of 12 and 19, where the Children’s choir at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet will contribute with Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht’s opera Der Jasager (The Yes Sayer). This opera was written in 1930 and tells the story of a cruel dilemma where an entire town is afflicted by an epidemic and where a young student is faced with the choice of sacrificing himself for the sake of the community or saving himself. The contribution from Den Nye Opera’s children’s choir will be announced later. The pieces are presented semi-scenically, with costumes, props and cinematic effects.

Music: Kurt Weill
Libretto: Bertolt Brecht
Conductor: Steffen Kammler
Director: Gunnar Bergstrøm
Film editing and animation: Alexander Istad

Cast: To be announced

Duration: App. 2 hours

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