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13 March 2011

PizzaQ! What's it say?






無 論是現場音樂會及娛樂表演,最熱門演唱會及頂尖體壇賽事,位於康州擁有 10,000 個座位的 ******* *** 金神大賭場體育館,坐享演藝娛樂業的領先地位。金神大賭場始終致力於引進頂尖的亞洲娛樂表演以服務華人貴賓,同時成為亞洲巨星最愛的演唱會場地。


******* ***
indicates where the text used Roman alphabet characters.

What's it say?
Not a word-for-word translation, but the general subject and gist of the Chinese text.

HINT: This PizzaQ is inspired by a big news story that just happened.

6 slices with Shitake mushrooms and endives.


PatFromCH said...

A chinese Casino in Conneticut ? Wow. According to the gig list Dropkick Murphys and The New York Dolls (I do have good taste, those were the only artists I liked) have finally SOLD OUT. I mean the NYD joke was old even before I went to first grade which was a bloody long time ago. But Dropckick Murphys ? In a Casino ? Well...

Vleeptron Dude said...


A few nights ago, there was a horrible bus accident just north of New York City, 14 passengers killed.

The bus was returning to NYC's Chinatown from a big gambling casino, Mohegan Sun, run by the Mohegan Indians on rheir reservation in Connecticut.

(There's another huge Indian casino not far from Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods).

Gambling is more popular, much more a part of culture in Asia. The newspaper article said 15 percent of Mohegan Sun's gamblers are Asian-Americans -- so big a segment that the tezt was taken from special Chinese-language pages of the Mohegan Sun website. (The rest of the site is strictly English.)

Mohegan Sun's Chinese pages:

Vleeptron Dude said...

Do you read Chinese??

patfromch said...

Nope, to be honest I cheated with Google Translate. Incidently the translation from chinese (mandarin ?) to english is better than into german. Funny that. I also would like to know if the sign for Sun and God are the same. That puzzled me a bit.

I don’t win this PizzaQ but to my defense I must say that I did NOT mention the exact location (mainly because there are a few readers who know your part of the world better than I do) and although I had seen the bus accident on the news I was unaware of the connection. No Pizza for me but if you check the english translation you will notice that a little deduction was required.
The chinese translation claims that the stadium or casino or whatever is called Golden God(s) which does not make any sense because Mohegan means people from the area where water always flows. Now I am utterly confused. Bloody TranslateBots !

Oh dear, if Johnny Thunders only knew his old band is playing Casinos...Not that I have anything against Casinos but you have to be eitherat the end of your career, extremeley desperate to make money or both to do these gigs... said...

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