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04 March 2011

Glenn Gould's radio documentary "The Idea of North -- now it's on stage in French

Dear F-Minor,

I'm glad to introduce you "The idea of North", theater version ...

I'm a theater director in France.
I have worked for a few years about "the idea of North" by Glenn Gould
I've made a radio emission for France-Culture about it in 2009.

And I have directed a play in France on this work of art. 
It has been played at the National Theater in Strasbourg in 2011.
You can see it on the Arte Live Web site : 

Bruno Monsaingeon, film director and Gould's friend has seen it and said Gould would have loved it ...

I hope you'll enjoy the show ...
with my best,
benoit giros

1 comment:

patfromch said...

Montsagenon-approved, eh ? Oh dear, oh dear...Not that I wish this production ill but approval from the man who is partly responsible for the GG haigiography ? St. Glenn of Uptergrove beatificated by Bruno Montsagenon, giving praise and blessings ? I dunno...(I can’t say that on f_minor, I’d be tared and feathered for not liking Montsagenon).

Did you know that this director actcually bought the rights to Idea of North from the CBC ? Again, I do not wish the man ill but the fact that the CBC SOLD the rights gave me some time to think....