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26 March 2012

Cahiers du Vleeptron: more analysis of Disney's sleep aid "John Carter of Mars"

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Anonymous PatfromCH said...
I can only agree. Blockbuster Hollywood forgot to tell us a good stories the last few years. And they are a bit too fond of CGG. You have quoted the best and worst examples. Yet I have to exclude Lord of the Rings. When I heard that this would be made into a movie I had a laughing fit. Then I thought pleaseohpleaseohplease don’t let them eff that up ! As strange as it sounds LOTR would not have been possible with current CGG, even if Gollum looks a bit silly and director Peter Jackson was reluctant with the use of CGG. Otherwise the fans would have tarred and feathered him.Yet he did a good job I reckon. What he did to King Kong is a different matter though and how someone can eff up such a simple and effective story is beyond me (despite the brilliant Jack Black as impressario), same with Barsoon, even if I haven’t seen that and probably never will. Oh man was I upset when I saw 300 ! Nice idea, but it looked like a cheap PlayStation game just because of CGG overuse and far too much stupid violence. Old stuff like Forbidden Planet with the cool soundtrack and the cheap gadgets but a solid yarn are much to be preferred indeed. And Hollywood wonders why Green Lantern etc flopped at the box office. Throwing money at a weak story and thinkig that the multiplatform cross-selling merchandise will sell isn’t enough. Vleeptron is absolutely correct: Gimmie a good story and I am in. Best evidence are the numerous good indie and low-budget movies that came out over tha last years, not just out of Hollywood.
Sunday, 25 March, 2012


PatfromCH said...

Right, this got me thinking so here is a little list of movies that failed either because of a lousy story or overuse of CGG or both that I have seen in the last few years. This list is incomplete of course, maybe it is better I forgot about the really bad ones....

drum roll please !

- Hereafter. A documentery about canadian pianist Glenn Gould made by a former collaborator. Mysticism, Hero Worshipment and Haigiography at its worst. Poor GG !
- Wondrous Strange, another documentary about Gould. Misleading, incorrect and with the emphasis on the wrong themes.
- Cube 2 Hypercube: The original Cube is a nice little indie horror whodunnit flick from Canada. here the B-Movie clones ruin everything with an unripe story and shite special effects. Bleh, better get the original !
- 300. Loooks like a computer game with its cheap computer graphics, historically uninformed story and just too much violence.
- Star Wars IV or I depending on how you count. Yet George Lucas failed here, too many fancy special effects, confusing story and that sidekick lizard thing is not funny. Not at all. If you were socialised with the originals and have not seen the new ones do yourself a favour and spend that money on better movies
- Any remake ever made
- Most sequels ever made
- All prequels ever made
- The Day After Tomorrow. Incorrect science, slooppy acting and a lousy plot drowned in special effects

What I have seen of Avatar was enough to convince me not to watch this esoteric tripe. Ditto John Carpenter. maybe it would have worked in the 80s,the Heyday of Hollywood Blockbusters but not nowadays.

Hilary and Jackie, a "biopic" about british cellist Jaqueline Du Pre will definetly make it to this list , I still have to finish that one yet. An envious sister with an ego problem telling lies about her sister. No CGG here, but a horribly lousy story.

Of course this list could be expanded but it must be said that quite a lot of good movies would not have been possible with fast and modern CGG, notably the works of Pixar, LOTR, and when used reluctantly CGG is quite effective. Hollywood still manages to prove the oppsite....

And, alas, a good story is sill better than a gazillion special effects

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