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14 July 2012

Cleveland City of Light City of Magic / Vleeptron (& waft youse back to northern Ohio 1937 / Vleeptron is a documented kosher/halal bona fide Research Institution / Case Western Reserve, & what 2 whack professors did on the train track / Burn On, Big River / Custer Car Speedway / Dennis Kucinich's Loser's Punishment

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Great Lakes Exposition Souvenir Book, 1937
Painstakingly filched in 6 hextants from the digital archive of the Ohio Historical Society (

Online access is provided for research purposes only.

[Vleeptron is a registered, certified, genuine, authentic, kosher, halal, honest-to-goodness Research institution, and organic greengrocer. For appropriate documentation, CLICK HERE.]

This souvenir booklet for the 1937 Great Lakes Exposition in Cleveland [Ohio, USA] includes lists of exhibitors, entertainment, concessions, and exhibits. It also provides practical information about the exposition's lost and found, first aid station, stroller rental, and post office.

The 67-page booklet measures 5.75" x 8.75" (15 x 22.5 cm). 

The exposition grounds spanned 135 acres along Cleveland's lakefront from Public Hall to Municipal Stadium east to 20th street. 

The fair opened to the public June 27, 1936 and ran for 100 days. It opened for a second season in 1937, drawing more than 7,000,000 visitors in the 2 seasons despite the hardships of The [worldwide] Great Depression.

Attractions included the "Streets of the World" where visitors could sample food, entertainment, and goods from 40 countries, and the Hall of Progress, which included the "television theatre."

The midway offered dozens of rides and amusements, such as "Ripley's Believe it or Not Odditorium" a photograph gallery, Venetian boat swing [?], and the "Custer Car Speedway [?]." The 1937 season featured Billy Rose's Aquacade

[Broadway & Vaudeville & Hollywood producer and showman Billy Rose was the 2nd husband of Broadway comic star Fanny Brice, whose 2 "Funny Girl" biopics starred Barbra Streisand]

a water music and dance spectacular starring Olympians Eleanor Holm and Johnny Weismuller, star of the Tarzan movies.


Everyone is White! Everyone is Young! Everyone is of proper height and weight and BMI! Everyone has hair! No Baldies! 

No one is Old or Fat, or an amputee (even though 1937 was just 19 years beyond the end of World War I, the Midway would have been generous with one-armed one-handed one-eyed and blind gassed-wheezing one-legged men, now nearing or a bit older than 40).

No Negroes or Colored People, you betcha!

They're harvesting delicious appetizing fruit from Great Lakes orchards!

Ohio in 1937 was definitely SOMEBODY's vision of SOME KIND of Paradise.

I'm pretty damn certain those two topless hunkola loxes are certified heteros/breeders. One of them -- maybe both of them, I've seen that MGM musical and that Leoncavallo opera -- might be mildly flirting with The Young White Girl Next Door, who is mildly but age-appropriately receptive.  (In the opera, she was Very Receptive.)

(If you want to know some real sleazy True Stuff about County Fairs & State Fairs & the Carnivals they employ, Leave A Comment, maybe I have to slip you this in pvt e-mail. This is Hot.)

The modeling agency would have insisted on some kind of proof or solid evidence, at least something to stick in the file cabinet in case of subsequent litigation.

One nickname for Cleveland, beloved of its inhabitants, is "The Mistake on the Lake."

HERE is a song about the Cuyahoga River, which flows through Cleveland and empties into Lake Erie, whose southern shore is Cleveland's waterfront. 

Mnemonic for The Great Lakes:


3-(or 4-)Dimensional Newtonian Space and Time were suddenly and forever smashed and ruptured and destroyed and rendered False & Unreliable along a long straight flat stretch of railroad track in Cleveland, Ohio USA in 1904. For scientific details of this unexpected catastrophe, CLICK HERE.

(But we got a Nobel Physics Prize, our very first, for it anyway.)

If your precious child or grandchild or beloved waif  has any kind of Scientific Bent, don't be shy about sending Snookums or Tifani to Case Western Reserve, they do some whack shit there. 

The Vleeptron Ministry of Prophesy (VMoP) predicts that at least one human on our first Personed Partially Not Robotic Mission To Mars will be a Case Western grad or post-grad. Low-Orbit Earth Space is lousy with Case Western t-shirts and baseball caps, it's like one of their hangouts.)

(N.B.: This requires the child to dwell in Cleveland for 4 or 5 or 6 years or more. Leave A Comment.)

US Marginal Occasional Democratic Party Ultra-Liberal Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich used to be Mayor of Cleveland, and then made the big-time leap to Member of the House of Representatives (the lower house of the USA bicameral parliament). Dennis alas was not elected President of the United States (I voted for him in a primary, maybe I had to write in his name), but HERE is his Consolation Prize. One pundit suggested Kucinich may have been the first politician in history to announce he was leaving a political race to spend more time with his wife and family, and be telling the truth.)

PIZZAQ! [1/2 slice plain with Kraft Cheese Single]: Dennis is a graduate of Guess Where University in Cleveland?

Dennis also loudly demanded that the USA adopt Single Payer / National Health / Canadian-style / Depraved Failed Debauched Euro-style / Castro-Che-Style health insurance to assure full health coverage for all, regardless of ability to pay.

No evidence exists -- Fox/Murdoch hasn't found any yet, anyway, maybe Glen Beck or Donald Trump know some stuff -- that Kucinich ever belonged to a known Communist Cell (like the one Herb Philbrick joined) or Terrorist Non-State Actor.

One of Mayor Kucinich's Worst Days Ever was when he was negotiating an extremely sensitive, fragile Big Cash Loan with several Ginormous Banks and Federal Agencies to prevent the city's on-the-brink-of bankruptcy -- the day his addicted brother unhappily chose to rob a small branch of one of the banks Dennis was trying to get a big public loan from.

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