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16 October 2012

... and the ship, the black freighter, with 50 cannons, glides into the harbor, and on board is ... ME!

Click on Benedict Spinoza Cat to enlarge.

Benny, the household's Senior Cat, contracted toxoplasmosis, and by the time the vet determined how serious it was, Benny'd gone blind in one eye, and it had to be removed by a veterinary opthalmologist. However, the surgery restored Benny to perfect health -- with the missing eye sutured shut. So now we call him Pirate Benny, and he looks rather rakish and rough and tough. 

The loss of an eye hasn't at all hurt his excellent vermin/varmint hunting skills. Of our five cats, Benny's by far the best hunter, and nearly every day brings us the corpse of something that was incautious enough to get too close.

The very expert vet opthalmologist likes to decorate her office with photos of her former patients. She's originally from Germany, so I titled the photo Seeräuberbenny, a little homage to the famous Brecht-Weill song from Driegroschenoper, Seeräuberjenny, or Pirate Jenny (first sung by Weill's wife Lotte Lenya).

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