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29 October 2012

Chesterfield Massachusetts USA notification of imminent Apocalyptic weather event

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William Blake (English, 1757 – 1827)
Television reports (which an English pal says they call "weather porn") have ceaselessly described tropical cyclone Sandy, which formed in the Caribbean and is now headed up the USA Atlantic Coast for New England, as a "Frankenstorm." It's expected to merge with a large conventional cold front heading from Canada, and be considerably more ferocious than your basic ordinary standard Northeast USA hurricane.
Flee for your lives! 

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 7:16 PM
Subject: Hurricane Sandy 2

This is Larry Holmberg, the Chesterfield Emergency Management Director.

Storm predictions have been consistent for the last 12 hours with rain and wind beginning tonight. Heavy winds of 30 to 45 mph with gusts to 60 mph will arrive between 10 am and noon tomorrow and last 12 to 18 hours. Rain predictions are 3 to 5 inches over the next several days.

Travel should be reasonable in the morning but will deteriorate during the day. Widespread power outages are expected and roads may be blocked by downed trees and power lines.

The Emergency Operations Center at the Town Offices will be opening tomorrow during the morning between 8 am and noon as conditions warrant and will be at full operation by noon. The Center may be reached by calling 296-4741.

Updates will be issued as warranted. Thank you and good night.

This e-mail has been sent to you by TOWN OF CHESTERFIELD. To maximize their communication with you, you may be receiving this e-mail in addition to a phone call with the same message. If you wish to discontinue this service, please inform TOWN OF CHESTERFIELD either IN PERSON, by US MAIL, or by TELEPHONE at 413-296-4771 or REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.

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PatFromCH said...

I can’t help it but every time I hear the word Hurricane I have to think of this song:

Fortunetly we don’t have Hurricanes here (because of the Alps), but I have seen what a Hurrican can do with my own eyes twice now (in Oz) and it sure is something I will not forget in a hurry.